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If Shiba Inu (SHIB) Hits $0.01, I Will Delete My X/Twitter Account, Says U.S. Politician

Gokhshtein Media founder and former US Congressional Candidate David Gokhshtein has boldly expressed his conviction that Shiba Inu (SHIB), the popular cryptocurrency, will never surpass the significant $0.01 price mark.

In a tweet on 19th August, Gokhshtein genuinely showcased his confidence in SHIB’s inability to reach this milestone.

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To make his point more emphatic, he vowed to delete his X (formerly Twitter) account if SHIB were ever to hit $0.01. This surprising declaration from the former political candidate has caught the attention of Shiba enthusiasts worldwide.

Hindrances to SHIB Ascent to $0.01

Referring to the potential price point of $0.01, Gokhshtein shared his insight on two defining factors that could impede SHIB’s ascent. He mentioned the circulating supply and contract as potential hindrances to SHIB’s price growth.

According to Gokhshtein, SHIB surpassing the $0.01 threshold with the current supply implies that it will outgrow the United States’ total valuation.

A Shift in Stance by David Gokhshtein

Interestingly, it is worth noting that Gokhshtein had previously advocated for SHIB to reach $0.01. In a tweet from August 2022, he enthusiastically called upon SHIB to rise to this pivotal value.

Additionally, he pledged to sell his SHIB holdings should it ever reach this milestone. However, given the recent decline in the cryptocurrency’s value, Gokhshtein’s optimism has waned significantly.

Going back on his previous sentiment, Gokhshtein is beginning to question the likelihood of SHIB ever reaching the $0.01 mark. This contrasts starkly with his earlier support for Shiba Inu, in which he positioned himself as an unofficial leader for the cryptocurrency last year.

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SHIB’s Potential Valuation Could Reach $5.9 Trillion at $0.01

Despite skepticism regarding the likelihood of SHIB reaching $0.01, numerous holders still maintain hope in the cryptocurrency’s potential to reach one cent.

As of now, SHIB is being traded at $0.000008418, according to CoinMarketCap. Achieving the coveted $0.01 value requires a tremendous rally of 117,647% from its current price.


However, even with such an extraordinary surge, SHIB’s circulating supply of 589.33 trillion would result in a staggering market capitalization of approximately $5.9 trillion if it were to hit $0.01. This astronomical figure would undoubtedly make SHIB one of the most valuable asset classes globally, positioning it alongside some of the largest economies in the world, including the United States.

With Gokhshtein’s unwavering support for Shiba Inu despite his doubts about its price surge, it remains to be seen whether SHIB can achieve the projected milestones and captivate the crypto community with its immense potential.

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