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Hoskinson Says “stop being drama queens”, As He Addresses Cardano Centralization Concern

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, has come forward to defend the recent initiatives undertaken by Input Output Global (IOG), the project’s research and engineering arm.

Hoskinson has reiterated IOG’s staunch commitment to onboarding millions of users into the Cardano ecosystem, while simultaneously addressing the concerns expressed by the community regarding centralization.

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IOG’s Recent Initiatives

Over the past few months, IOG has introduced a series of groundbreaking initiatives. One such initiative is the unveiling of plans to construct a privacy-focused Cardano sidechain named Midnight.

Additionally, IOG has acquired the community wallet, Nami, and has announced its intention to adopt CIP 1694. This proposal aims to distribute more governance power among the project’s community.

While these initiatives have sparked a mixed reception within the Cardano community, Hoskinson wasted no time in fervently defending them on Twitter. He emphasized that IOG is “a builder” and is determined to “bring millions into the ecosystem.”

Hoskinson Addresses Community Concerns

Responding to the concerns raised by the Cardano community, Hoskinson specifically addressed the apprehensions surrounding the acquisition of the Nami wallet. Some users fear that this move may contribute to an IOG monopoly. Hoskinson clarified that the acquisition was solely intended to “accelerate a great simple user experience.”

Furthermore, Hoskinson tackled the concerns surrounding the Midnight sidechain, which some believe could lead to centralization. He reassured the community that Midnight’s primary objective is to establish Cardano as a trailblazer in data confidentiality, rather than centralize the ecosystem.

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Urging Unity within the Cardano Community

As he concluded his tweet, Hoskinson called upon the Cardano community to unite, emphasizing the need to “stop being drama queens” and instead focus on “building, partnering, and welcoming new positive developments.”


Hoskinson’s staunch defense of IOG and its recent initiatives serves as a clear indication of the project’s long-term approach to building a sustainable and scalable blockchain ecosystem. The acquisition of the Nami wallet and the development of the Midnight sidechain are strategic moves that could potentially attract a substantial influx of users and developers to Cardano.

Furthermore, Hoskinson’s call for unity within the Cardano community carries immense significance. The Cardano community is renowned for its passionate and vocal nature, which, at times, has resulted in internal conflicts. However, if the community can rally behind a common goal, it has the potential to become a formidable force within the blockchain industry.

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