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Here’s Why Bigger Entertainment Founder Is Ending Sales of SHIB Burn Party Tickets

Steven Cooper, the founder of the crypto record label Bigger Entertainment, has recently announced the end of the usual sale of Shiba Inu (SHIB) burn tickets, citing protection of the company’s reputation.

Cooper made this known in a tweet on Feb. 15, 2022. According to the entrepreneur, although the sale of burn tickets has ended, the company will continue to burn SHIB tokens and host burn parties.

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Cooper said the decision came in a bid to protect the company’s reputation. He stated that a new creative way to do the burn party aside from selling burn tickets will be strategized.

He pointed out that the company is still fully part of the SHIB Army, but only decided to transition and restructure to serve the Shiba Inu community with transparency.

Steven Cooper tweeted, “Sorry, had to remove the last post. Bigger Entertainment WILL still be burning, WILL still host burn parties, etc. We simply won’t be doing burn tickets anymore. We’ll find new and creative ways to do the burn party where we aren’t managing the money and protecting our reputation.

We are still #shib and #shibarmy 100% and aren’t going anywhere. Just transitioning and restructuring to better serve the community and offer more transparency.”

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How SHIB Army Could Burn 1 Trillion Tokens

Steven Cooper had earlier tweeted that the SHIB Army could expand almost twice, from relatively 1,170,000 to at least 2 million, with each member holding at least 294.5 million SHIB.

He then said if 1 million holders start sending $30 worth of SHIB daily, one trillion SHIB will be burned in total.


Steven Cooper tweeted, “If 2 million holders held 294.5 million #shib the supply would be gone. The math is there. Now add in massive initiatives for burning and you have a winning combination. Remember, 1 million people burning around $30 is 1 TRILLION coins gone forever.”

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