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Here’s Why Anatoly Yakovenko Says Solana (SOL) Can Handle Hundreds of Millions of Users

Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder of Solana (SOL), has recently stated that the blockchain, which is currently a top Ethereum rival, has the capability to handle hundreds of millions of users.

In a recent interview on Token Terminal’s YouTube channel, the Solana co-founder said he is optimistic that the blockchain is capable of handling the world’s needs in relation to blockchain technology.

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In the course of the conversation, Yakovenko said although Solana has all it takes to manage a huge number of users, it still lacks the applications that could attract larger numbers of users.

“I can definitely see [Solana] handling all of the world’s needs because when you look at today’s bandwidth infrastructure around data centers, the one gigabit is the free tier. You get a box, they give you one gigabit for free and it costs less than a dollar per terabyte of egress right now, so bandwidth is ridiculously cheap right now…

“Every two years there’s a new generation, so from my perspective, I think we can already handle hundreds of millions of users and we have an abundance of capacity. We don’t have the applications to actually attract those users yet…

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“Helium created close to a million IoT (Internet of Things) hot spots, that’s really cool. Think about virtual tokens moving around between people with cryptography impacting the physical world, there’s literally a close to a million antennas generated from that, and they’re going to attempt to do the same thing with 5G.


“Hivemapper, on the other hand, is trying to map the entire world like Google Street View and there’s 60 million kilometers in the world. They’re already at [a] 2 million kilometers map, they just crossed that, they’re growing.”

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