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Garlinghouse Says If He Understands XRP Price Dynamics, He Could Resign As Ripple CEO

During an interview at DC Fintech Week 2023, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse made a lighthearted comment about his willingness to step down from his CEO role if he can understand XRP’s pricing dynamics.

Notably, his statement was in response to a question about XRP’s price surge, with Garlinghouse emphasizing his focus on the utility of XRP rather than speculation.

Responding to the market conditions, Garlinghouse highlighted the positive trend, citing Bitcoin’s surge to over $35,000.

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In a playful tone, he remarked that if he could accurately predict cryptocurrency prices, he might consider stepping down from his CEO position to concentrate on analyzing market dynamics.

In his words “Look, if I had a magical window into what drives crypto prices, I probably would quit this job and just go do that.”

Unity and Going Beyond Maximalism

On the flip side, Garlinghouse expanded on his extensive and forward-looking perspective concerning blockchain technology. Specifically, he revealed his endorsement of a multi-chain strategy.

While conceding that XRP excels in payment use cases, Garlinghouse acknowledged the diverse purposes served by other blockchains. He firmly dismissed the notion of a singular dominant blockchain, emphasizing the importance of a varied ecosystem.

In light of the Ripple CEO’s recognition of XRP alongside various cryptocurrencies, the host playfully expressed curiosity about the reactions from the enthusiastic XRP Army.

In reply, Garlinghouse acknowledged the fervent advocacy in the crypto space, encompassing not only the XRP Army but also supporters of Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, he criticized the prevalent maximalism within the crypto community, deeming it detrimental. Garlinghouse specifically highlighted the counterproductive nature of extreme views, emphasizing the need for a more collaborative and inclusive approach.

Garlinghouse stressed the benefits of industry-wide collaboration, encouraging a united front, especially with Ripple’s ongoing SEC lawsuit. He pointed out that this collaborative stance was not only beneficial for Ripple but had far-reaching positive effects for the entire crypto industry.

Emphasizing the significance of unity, Garlinghouse highlighted its ability to address challenges effectively and create a more robust environment for the overall health of the crypto industry.


Garlinghouse also highlighted the Grayscale ruling, which has paved the way for Bitcoin Spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the U.S., as pivotal for the crypto industry to come together and demand regulatory clarity.

Further into the interview, Garlinghouse spoke on the XRP lawsuit and expressed his preparedness to escalate it to the highest judicial authority in the United States. He affirmed, “I think that definitely could happen. I mean certainly. And we’ve said this publicly. We are in it till the end.”

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