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Galaxy Digital CEO Just Can’t Bring Himself To Say XRP

The possibility of a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) for cryptocurrencies has been a topic of growing interest within the financial world. Recently, prominent crypto investor Mike Novogratz offered insights on which digital assets might be strong contenders for such an inclusion.

During an interview, Novogratz highlighted Solana’s impressive performance over the past year, particularly in the wake of the FTX exchange collapse. He pointed to Solana’s market price surging from $21 in late 2023 to over $200 by the first quarter of 2024, a remarkable increase of more than 850%.

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This rapid growth has propelled Solana to a position among the top cryptocurrencies, rivaling established players like Ethereum and BNB. Given Solana’s current standing, Novogratz believes it has a strong case for inclusion in a potential crypto spot ETF.

However, Novogratz’s comments regarding Solana sparked discussion within the XRP community. Some community members interpreted his silence on XRP as a deliberate snub. One prominent voice, “Digital Asset Investor,” suggested that Novogratz’s focus on Solana’s post-FTX rise implied the exchange’s involvement in artificially inflating SOL’s value.

Financial analyst Linda Jones weighed in on the debate, suggesting that Novogratz might strategically avoid discussions on XRP. However, it’s important to note that Novogratz has once publicly acknowledged the XRP community. In a 2023 podcast with industry expert Raoul Pal, Novogratz expressed his newfound respect for the XRP Army.

He acknowledged his prior skepticism towards XRP, stemming from concerns about Ripple’s significant cryptocurrency holdings. However, Novogratz ultimately commended the XRP community’s unwavering support for the project and praised Ripple’s leadership team.

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It’s also crucial to recognize that Novogratz’s belief in Solana’s potential ETF candidacy is not an isolated opinion. Financial experts like James Seyffart, an ETF analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, have expressed similar views. Seyffart has pointed to Solana’s established ecosystem and growing adoption rate as factors that could make it an attractive choice for an ETF.


The debate surrounding potential crypto spot ETFs and which digital assets might be included is likely to continue. While Novogratz sees Solana as a strong contender, the final decision will ultimately lie with regulators and financial institutions. The evolving regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of crypto ETFs.

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