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Former Ripple Director Hints at “Big News” for XRP

Former Ripple Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Sean McBride, sparked excitement within the XRP community with a cryptic post hinting at big news coming soon XRP.

The ex-director wrote, “Big news coming from #Ripple and #XRP in the next couple days.” However, the announcement was met with a mix of anticipation and skepticism, fueled by past instances of unfulfilled promises concerning XRP adoption.

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XRP Community on Edge

McBride’s post, published on X, sent ripples through the XRP community. Many community members expressed eagerness for the upcoming development. However, others remained wary, citing a history of announcements that failed to translate into tangible benefits for XRP and the ecosystem.

One community member questioned if the news involved another major company jumping on the Ripple bandwagon, only to abandon ship later.

He wrote, “Another company using Ripple’s products as a “pilot program” and then never actually using it after?” Other community members also showed support for this viewpoint.

History of Unfulfilled Promises

This skepticism stems from previous partnerships that fizzled out before delivering anticipated results. In 2018, Western Union CEO confirmed exploring Ripple technology and XRP for payment settlements, but the plans never materialized.

Similarly, MoneyGram partnered with Ripple in 2019, only to sever ties two years later following the SEC’s lawsuit. These failed collaborations have dented community confidence and impacted XRP’s price performance.

There are also partnerships that the community is waiting to hear news about, like the discussions between Ripple and the Australian Freight and Trade Alliance (FTA), revealed to the public after the pivotal court ruling in July.

McBride Defends Announcement

In a subsequent post, McBride doubled down on his claim, insisting it had already arrived and would propel XRP towards a price surge. He urged critics to remain silent if they could not offer positive feedback. However, he did not reveal the nature of the announcement or any details.

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XRP Still Underperforming

Amid this swirl of speculation, XRP continues to grapple with market uncertainty. Currently trading at $0.5024, XRP is up 0.47% over 24 hours. Many community members express frustration at the token’s inability to regain momentum and are eagerly awaiting positive developments that could trigger a breakout.

While McBride’s announcement has injected a dose of excitement into the XRP community, XRP has not reacted. However, a top crypto proponent recently gave three reasons why he is bullish on XRP, and the upcoming announcement could help XRP begin its journey upward.

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