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Fact about Rumored Agreement between TerraCVita and Lithosphere to Burn 2.5 Trillion LUNC

Classy Crypto, a prominent Terra Classic community member, has recently notified the community that the LUNC development group, TerraCVita (TCV), has no affiliation with Lithosphere Network.

Classy also informed the members of the Terra Classic community that TCV has discontinued its association with Jets. In the tweet, the influencer captioned an image about the partnership between Lithosphere, Jets, and TCV. A part of the image says “2.5T LUNC Burn Update.”

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Over the past weeks, Lithosphere has been announcing its plan to destroy a whopping 2.5 trillion LUNC tokens via its play-to-earn (P2E) game Finesse.

In the tweet, Classy said its marketing strategy is deceptive, stating that TCV is committed to protecting the interest of the Terra Classic community.

Classy Crypto tweeted, “LUNC community. TCV is NOT associated in ANY way with @SuperLitho. You all know what I think about their deceptive marketing practices for the LUNC community. Jets is no longer associated with TCV. We’re always here to protect our community. Stay safe & always DYOR.”

Terra Rebels Says It Has No Connection with Lithosphere

When a similar issue arose back in October 2022, reXx, a member of the Terra Rebels development group, clarified that the group has no official partnership with Lithosphere and Kaj Labs.

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In a tweet back then, reXx said, LUNC community. I’m not sure why @SuperLitho @KaJLabs decided to throw Terra Rebels name into their medium article, but no such agreement between us and Lithosphere was established. We have never agreed to any announcements. We are not affiliated with this company in any manner.”


It should also be noted that Alex Forshaw, a member of Terra Rebels, had once classified the project as an apparent scam that should be avoided by the community members.

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