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Ex-Goldman Sachs Analyst: XRP and Cardano Are Cult Memecoins

A recent social media post from Murad Mahmudov, a former analyst at Goldman Sachs and founder of Adaptive Capital, has started a debate surrounding two major altcoins: XRP, affiliated with Ripple, and Cardano (ADA).

Analyst Labels XRP and ADA as “Cult Meme Coins”

Mahmudov suggests that XRP and ADA may not be the strong investments some perceive them to be. He characterizes them as “cult meme coins,” implying a lack of underlying fundamentals and a dependence on community support rather than concrete utility. This viewpoint comes during a broader crypto market slump, with XRP and ADA significantly down from their all-time highs.

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XRP experienced a meteoric rise in 2017, generating significant profits for Ripple’s founders. However, the coin has yet to recapture that glory. Despite achieving a degree of regulatory clarity in 2023, XRP remains a shadow of its former self, trading at a staggering 87% below its January 2018 peak.

Cardano shares a similar story. ADA enjoyed a surge in price during the last major bull run but has since fallen dramatically. As of today, the coin sits at a value 88% lower than its September 2021 record.

Analyst’s Background: Skepticism with a Caveat

Mahmudov’s skepticism is noteworthy considering his background. A veteran of the cryptocurrency space, he previously led a hedge fund specializing in crypto assets. However, Adaptive Capital was forced to close its doors in March 2020 after succumbing to a significant market crash.

While Mahmudov casts doubt on XRP and ADA’s long-term prospects, he also offers a prediction for the altcoin market. He anticipates that altcoins, as a category, will outperform other sectors within the cryptocurrency space during the current cycle.

However, he tempers this optimism by acknowledging the potential dampening effect of depleted American household savings, which could limit future investments in the market.

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The debate surrounding XRP and ADA is likely to continue. While Mahmudov’s perspective offers a critical viewpoint, it’s important to consider the ongoing development efforts within both projects.

Ripple is actively pursuing partnerships with financial institutions to leverage XRP’s potential in facilitating international payments. Cardano, on the other hand, is focused on the ongoing development of its smart contract platform, aiming to compete with established players like Ethereum.


Ultimately, the success of XRP and ADA will depend on their ability to deliver on their promises and gain wider adoption. Investors should carefully evaluate these projects alongside other factors within the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape before making investment decisions.

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