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Ethereum Founder Describes How Selling Shiba Inu (SHIB) Made Him Feel like James Bond

Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, recently discussed his interaction with the second-largest meme token Shiba Inu (SHIB), and how selling it made him go through an elaborate process.

Buterin was sent trillions of SHIB tokens, which came out to almost half of the coin’s circulating supply. In the end, he had been able to sell the tokens for a couple of billion dollars.

During the recent podcast episode of UpOnly Podcast, Ethereum founder recounted how he was able to go through the process.

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Narrating the elaborate process that it took to sell his Shiba Inu holdings, Vitalik Buterin painted a picture that spanned across two countries and a new laptop to execute.

Firstly, the private keys to the wallet where the coins had been sent to were not entirely with him. While he had a part of the keys with him, he explained that he had left the other part of the keys with his family in Canada. He then had to call up his family to send him their part of the private keys.

Next, Buterin purchased a $300 laptop from Target to be used exclusively for the transaction. He further went on to download a QR code-generating program, which he had to scan with his phone and then copy to the laptop, which he then put into an Tx. After the long process, he was eventually able to complete the transaction and move out the tokens.

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According to Buterin, after completing the whole transaction, he immediately disconnected the laptop from the internet.

Buterin said the whole process was similar to a James Bond movie. He said the experience was both scary and fun given that it was more money than he had ever held.

Vitalik Buterin noted:


“It was scary and involved a procedure that would probably make a good plot for a James Bond movie eventually.”

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