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Ethereum Core Devs Share Updated Timeline for Subsequent ETH 2.0 Shadow Forks: Details

As reported a few days ago by an Ethereum developer, Parithosh Jayanthi, the first-ever mainnet shadow fork played out successfully. More mainnet shadow forks are expected to play out before the much-anticipated merge is implemented on the network.

On 15th April, Ethereum’s All Core Devs Meeting #136 was held to discuss the next phases of pre-Merge testing and Shanghai upgrade.

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The latest development was shared on Twitter a couple of hours ago by Christine Kim, a researcher at Galaxy Digital.

According to Kim, during the meeting, Ethereum developers analyzed the results of the first mainnet shadow fork and decided to schedule two more similar updates for next week on the Goerli testnet and Ethereum’s mainnet.

Christine Kim tweeted, “Ethereum core developers wrapped up another meeting today about the forthcoming Merge and Shanghai upgrades.

“About Merge testing, core devs have an updated timeline for shadow forks. 4th Goerli shadow fork planned for Tuesday and 2nd mainnet shadow fork for next Saturday.”

In the course of the developers’ conference, the Hyperledger Besu team stated that there is an outstanding issue with the recent implementation, which is currently under investigation.

Also, Tim Beiko, an EF researcher and developer, proposed the forking of the Ropsten testnet soon to encourage the early participation of other node operators and ensure everyone is on the same page about how to run nodes after the merge implementation.

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Decentralized application (Dapp) developers that are currently working on Rickeby are advised to stop because it won’t be upgraded:


“Rickeby will not be upgraded and therefore should be abandoned by any dapp devs still working on that Ethereum testnet. Next up in the discussion was a few comments about EIPs for Shanghai, which is the hard fork expected to activate as early as 6 months after the Merge.”

It’s worth noting that core devs will no longer accept proposals for Shanghai, the first-ever hard fork of the post-Merge network that is set to take place in the first six months of Consensus Layer’s era.

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