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Elon Musk’s Recent Announcement Ignites Bullish Integration Request from XRP Army

Elon Musk, the highly influential CEO of Tesla and owner of X, recently sent ripples through the electric vehicle community. His announcement of a lower-priced Tesla Model Y at $29,490 was met with enthusiasm, particularly for its potential impact on electric vehicle adoption. However, this announcement got the attention of prominent figures in the cryptocurrency community.

XRPcryptowolf (@XRPcryptowolf), a prominent figure within the XRP community, took to X to voice a query on everyone’s mind, asking, “When can we buy a Tesla Y with XRP and crypto?” This question highlights the ongoing interest from the XRP community for Musk to adopt their beloved cryptocurrency as a payment method, as this could bring widespread adoption.

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Musk’s Stance on Cryptocurrencies

Musk’s love for Dogecoin (DOGE) is well-known among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The tech billionaire was the biggest reason for Dogecoin’s climb to the top of the market. The meme coin has remained a big name in the crypto market and is the biggest meme coin thanks to Elon Musk.

In March 2024, Musk revealed that Tesla will start accepting Dogecoin as payment for its vehicles. This caused some concern within the XRP community as members of the community have been trying to get Musk’s attention and get his companies to accept XRP.

While Tesla’s current embrace of Dogecoin is a unique development, it’s important to understand the context of XRP’s potential role. Unlike Dogecoin, XRP is designed specifically to facilitate fast and secure cross-border transactions with considerably lower fees. Its focus on speed and efficiency makes it a natural fit for the global financial system, including the automotive industry.

Many have attributed Musk’s Dogecoin announcement to personal preference, as XRP transactions are faster and have lower fees. However, neither Musk nor any representatives from Tesla have spoken about the company accepting XRP or other cryptocurrencies.

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Will Tesla Add XRP Payments

The ongoing lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has caused some investors’ apprehension. It could contribute to Tesla and Musk’s silence on accepting XRP and many other cryptocurrencies.


However, the lawsuit is near its end, and considering XRP’s numerous advantages, it could be among the top contenders if Musk chooses to add another cryptocurrency.

The recent developments surrounding Tesla and the XRP community showcase a growing interest in cryptocurrency adoption within the automotive industry. While there’s no official confirmation from Tesla regarding XRP integration, the community continues to push for adoption, and the question posed by XRPcryptowolf could go a long way in making it a reality

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