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Does Solana (SOL) Ever Require Layer-2 Solutions? Co-Founder Yakovenko Explains

According to a new tweet making rounds on X, Anatoly Yakovenko, a co-founder of the Solana blockchain, has revealed how the platform could leverage Layer 2 solutions and how it intends to navigate through Layer 1, which remains Solana’s main priority.

Disclosing Solana’s blueprint, the co-founder noted, “There is nothing stopping developers from creating Layer 2 solutions on Solana. However, Solana aims to synchronize a global atomic state machine as fast as the laws of physics allow.”

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Describing why the Solana platform seems bent on Layer 1 solutions, Yakovenko explained that Layer 2, coupled with other technological innovations like side chains, data availability validating bridges, and zero-knowledge proof valadium, have never enhanced Solana’s hunger for achieving a global atomic state.

Part of the co-founder’s tweet read thus, “In this end state, any Layer 2, side chain, or zero-knowledge proof valadium amounts to the same thing; they are external execution environments that cannot ensure atomic composition with the rest of the Layer 1 state.”

While Yokovenko seemed to have highlighted some technological innovations as not being integral to Solana’s pressing aim, he still acknowledged them as welcomed developments in the coin’s ecosystem. 

Reiterating Solana’s Commitment To Layer 1 Scaling 

Concluding his post, Yakovenko emphasized Solana’s desire to navigate through Layer 1. The co-founder noted that Solana remains bent on improving the single virtual machine instance on Layer 1, adding that the Solana blockchain can achieve such a feat via future hardware upgrades. 

Yakovenko’s submission speaks volumes of Solana’s pattern of hoping to drive considerable expansion projects from the foundation. The revelation is expected to excite crypto enthusiasts, especially SOL users, as they will be motivated to keep a close tab on the cryptocurrency, with hopes that events eventually unfold positively.

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Meanwhile, in other news, renowned crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, popularly known as Bitboy, dropped Solana’s price prediction for the year. 


The crypto influencer envisioned a bullish price trajectory for Solana (SOL), predicting a potential $1,000 price high for the token in 2024. Intriguingly, Bitboy noted that the $1,000 price target won’t be Solana’s peak price for the year, adding that the coin boasts the potential to soar above $1,000.

Per SOL’s data on Coincodex, the digital asset is changing hands at approximately $95.74, reflecting a 1.8% jump in price in the past 24 hours.

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