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CryptoCapitalVenture Founder Says Cardano Will Eventually Flip Ethereum, Benjamin Cowen Has A Bit Different Opinion

Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture, a recruiting firm in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) space, has a few days ago aired his opinion regarding the competition between the two stern rivals in the smart contracts ecosystem, Cardano and Ethereum.

In a tweet on 31st July 2021, Gambardello stated clearly that he thinks Cardano (ADA), an emerging smart contracts platform, will eventually flip Ethereum (ETH).

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Gambardello, in his tweet, stressed that Ethereum is a great project, but Cardano’s trajectory is a notable edge.

Dan Gambardello tweeted, “Cardano will eventually flip Ethereum. That is nothing negative against ETH or the awesome people involved. It’s just a harmless opinion & a trajectory that I think ADA is on. I’ve censored myself to not say things like this, but after thinking about it, that’s ridiculous.”

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Benjamin Cowen Has A Little Different Opinion

In response to Dan Gambardello’s opinion, Benjamin Cowen, a crypto analyst and trader, who once explained why Cardano (ADA) has better marketing compared to its rival chains, thinks it might be an impossible mission for Cardano to completely flip Ethereum (ETH).

Benjamin Cowen tweeted, “I like Cardano, but it really has no chance to pass Ethereum in my <also harmless> opinion.”

Gambardello Asks Why Cowen Has a Contrary Opinion

In curiosity, Gambardello asked why he thinks Cardano (ADA) has no chance to outperform Ethereum (ETH) in the smart contracts ecosystem:

“I’m curious why you think there is no chance? Especially so early in the game. First mover for ETH? Or something else?”

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In response, the popular analyst noted:

“I think Cardano is further behind ETH than a lot of people think. It will likely eventually have to resort to using rollups which Ethereum is way ahead in. I know Cardano has centralized solutions like state channels (hydra) but ETH has had those for years and no one uses them.”

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