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Crypto Proponent Says “When XRP Pumps It Does It Extremely Fast”, States What Will Drive New ATH

XRP community has been waiting to witness another payday since the last time the embattled digital asset touched its price all-time high.

The majority of crypto analysts have admitted in the past that the ongoing litigation that challenges the securities status of XRP has been causing drawbacks in terms of price appreciation.

In December 2020, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple, the major distributor of XRP, for allegedly selling the digital asset as an unregistered security. At the moment, there is no certainty as to when the lawsuit will end.

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The lawsuit was filed amid the bull market of late 2020, deterring XRP from joining the positive trend. The majority of digital assets, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), reached their price all-time highs, but XRP had to settle for the dip.

Despite the challenges and several negative trends, the stern XRP community members believe that a better day is around the corner for XRP. Many believe that the digital asset will surpass its all-time high once the ongoing XRP lawsuit ends in favor of Ripple.

When XRP Pumps It Does It Extremely Fast?

There have been lots of positive predictions for XRP lately. The latest came from a pseudonymous crypto proponent, known on Twitter as Crypto Assets Guy.

In a recent tweet, he said the digital asset may remain lethargic for a long period of time, but when it starts its rally, it does it extremely fast.

Referencing the ongoing lawsuit, Crypto Assets Guy said once the judge finally pronounces her judgment, XRP could easily ascend to a new ATH.

Crypto Assets Guy tweeted, “Do you all realize that when XRP pumps it does it EXTREMELY fast? Once Judge Torres dictates her ruling it could easily go from current levels to new ATH in a matter of days.”

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Next Pump Will Take XRP to $2 – $3 Range

Another Crypto analyst, who used Ripple CTO’s assumed ATH of $2.8 to predict the future price of XRP, said the digital asset took almost 1200 days in the previous cycle for its massive bull run. However, he said it has now spent more than 2000 days waiting for the next mega pump.


The analyst believes that the next pump in the price of XRP could take it to $2 to $3 range.

“Price Action: The next pump will take us to 2-3 $ range refill the gap in the MAWT (Mega Ascending White Triangle) & then the measured move copied from the MAWT (Green Line) will take us to the preset Target,” Egrag asserted.

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