Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Crypto Giant Grayscale Pinpoints One Key Factor That Would Drive New Investors to Cardano (ADA)

Grayscale Investments, the largest crypto asset manager in the world, has pinpointed one key factor that is capable of driving new investors to Cardano and its native token ADA in the future.

In a report published on 3rd October 2021, the crypto giant Grayscale revealed that Cardano, the largest proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain is currently processing over 115,000 transactions per day, relatively 13x since the start of the year.

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Cardano’s Network Growth Sustenance Is Vital

Moreover, the research report says the Cardano network now has about 2.8 million users, which is a 7.3x increase since the beginning of 2021. Thereby, the crypto asset manager concluded that sustaining the growth of Cardano network could be the key factor to driving existing and outside investors to Cardano (ADA).

Grayscale wrote:

“If dApps (decentralized applications) and other new use cases attract new users, drive increased network usage, and improve Cardano’s metrics, these factors may support a fundamental value rotation into ADA by existing and outside investors.”

Grayscale further stated that the ability of Cardano to develop a compelling cloud super application platform and decentralized application (dApp) ecosystem for users will determine whether the blockchain’s success would stand the test of time:

“Multiple Web 2.0 cloud providers – including AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud – have achieved material success today to differing degrees.

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“The crypto cloud market may follow a similar path, and Cardano may not need to be the only winner to achieve success. If Cardano can reach its goals, its features, along with the network’s large user community, may allow the ecosystem to capture meaningful share within the rapidly growing crypto cloud platform market.”

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