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Cardano Chosen to Power Artificial Intelligence (AI) Modules of a Humanoid Robot Named Grace

Cardano, the largest proof of stake (PoS) blockchain, has been chosen to power the artificial intelligence (AI) modules of a humanoid robot known as Grace.

Grace, a humanoid robot, who can speak English and Korean fluently, was designed by SingularityNET and Awakening Health. Grace can be commercially used both in eldercare and general healthcare.

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Grace is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence (AI). It has the ability to simulate 48 facial muscles, allowing it to have meaningful social interactions with patients.

How Cardano Blockchain Will Be Leveraged

Cardano blockchain is being introduced to drastically enhance the performance of Grace, the humanoid robot. This implies that Cardano will significantly reduce the time to process biodata.

Additionally, according to Ben Goertzel, the CEO of SingularityNET, Cardano will make the robot more secure and private for the safety of patients’ medical records.

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Ben Goertzel noted:

“In applications like that, the robot needs to deal with medical records on the back end, and it needs to deal with potentially confidential information that elderly folks and medical patients can give her on the back end…This really makes use of the security of the Cardano platform.”

During the Cardano Summit 2021, SingularityNET CEO pointed out that the affordances permitted by the Plutus smart contract platform will give his firm the needed flexibility to do many interesting things, which were not possible due to limitations of Solidity.

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SingularityNET, First Major Ethereum-based Project to Partially Migrate to Cardano

Back in September 2020, SingularityNET announced that it would be the first major Ethereum-based project to partially move to the largest proof-of-stake blockchain, Cardano.

At the Cardano Summit, Goertzel stated that the firm is close to launching the AGIX token on the Cardano mainnet.

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