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ChatGPT’s Projected Timeline For XRP To Hit $3

XRP has been impressive in terms of price in recent months, with the hope of the digital token printing more positive trends for greater heights.

A possible reason for the above is not far-fetched, as it could be attributed to XRP gradually gaining the much-anticipated regulatory clarity.

Recall that since the middle of this year, Ripple has been scoring landmark victories in its protracted lawsuit with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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Consequent to the above, crypto enthusiasts think that one of the main obstacles to XRP’s price trajectory seemed surmounted, and the token can only be prime for tremendous expansion, especially in terms of market valuation. 

Intriguingly, market watchers appear to share common sentiments of XRP revisiting or even soaring above the $3 price level. The price target does not seem unusual as XRP replicated a similar trend in its journey to attaining an all-time high (ATH) of approximately $3.8 in January 2018. 

While debates about XRP’s price movement seem to be attracting more concerns than usual, TimesTabloid thought it wise to reveal ChatGPT’s insight into the token’s price trajectory. 

ChatGPT’s Projected Timeline For XRP To Hit $3

The year might be remaining just a few days to elapse. However, it did not stop ChatGPT from supporting the bullish notion of XRP claiming a $3 price level before the year closes. 

Notably, the artificial intelligence (AI) model prediction hinged on several underlying factors, which seem to be priming XRP for exponential growth. 

These factors included the regulatory clarity, which XRP appears to be gaining this year. It also incorporated the positive price influence of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event, estimated to happen in April 2024.

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XRP in the Market

At the time of writing, the data on CoinGecko showed that XRP is the fifth largest crypto asset via a market capitalization worth $32,827,438,777.


XRP is changing hands at $0.61, down by 0.6% in the last 24 hours. It boasts a trading volume of $890,894,793 with a market cap dominance of 2.192%.

Revisiting the $3 price level would imply a spike of about 391% from XRP’s current standings of $0.61. Notably, the price spike would have a rising influence on the coin’s market cap as it could surge up to $100 billion.

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