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Charles Hoskinson Assures Cardano Community: There is Enough Money

Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, recently sought to alleviate concerns within the community regarding the blockchain’s scalability. In a post on X, he emphasized the Cardano treasury’s ample resources to support an ambitious development program encompassing Leios, Hydra, and ZK-SNARKs, should the community choose to pursue it.

Hoskinson acknowledged the potential for a multifaceted approach, leveraging the existing talent and infrastructure within the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. He expressed confidence in achieving rapid progress, citing the significant advancements witnessed over the past two years.

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Charles Hoskinson tweeted, “For those discussing scaling, there is enough money in the treasury to pursue an aggressive Leios, Hydra, and ZK program if the community wants to go in this direction. I’d advocate to continue the parallel approach given that we have the infrastructure and talent to do it. I also believe things could move very fast, given all the enhancements we’ve seen over the last 24 months.”

Cardano’s Scalability Challenge

The topic of scalability has been a focal point for the Cardano community, particularly in the face of increasing competition from blockchains like Solana and Ethereum. This focus was further amplified by a recent public statement from the CTO of Sundae Labs, a prominent ADA proponent, advocating for Leios, a novel design for Cardano’s data computation layer.

Leios represents just one facet of Cardano’s planned scalability solutions. Another noteworthy innovation is Hydra, a layer-2 scaling solution designed to significantly improve transaction throughput and minimize latency.

By establishing a network of parallel processing nodes, Hydra aims to enhance Cardano’s capacity to handle a higher volume of transactions while upholding the core principles of security and decentralization.

Community Weighs In

Following Hoskinson’s address, numerous developers and contributors within the Cardano ecosystem actively engaged in the discussion. A general sense of enthusiasm for scalability improvements prevailed; however, some community members expressed measured optimism, highlighting the need for a balanced approach.  Concerns were raised, particularly regarding the potential for rapid treasury depletion and its corresponding impact on the ADA price.

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A community member Rick McCracken Digi echoed this sentiment, saying, “I would like to see rapid scaling. At the same time I would no want to see rapid depletion of the treasury since there is enough Ada in there to tank the price, thus costing more Ada to pay for the same level of effort. ” 


The overarching sentiment within the community appears to be a strong desire for scalable solutions that would empower applications to function optimally on the Cardano blockchain. Notably, amidst these discussions regarding existing challenges, a collective sense of optimism persists regarding the ongoing advancements within the Cardano ecosystem.

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