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Cardano Top Executive Refutes FUD about Upcoming Vasil Hard Fork: Details

Tim Harrison, the vice president of community and ecosystem at Input Output Global (IOG), took to Twitter to refute the widespread FUD in relation to the upcoming Vasil hard fork.

On Wednesday, some Twitter users started claiming that Cardano’s smart contracts are not compatible with the Vasil hard fork, which is why they have to be rewritten.

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In the tweet, Tim Harrison explained that current decentralized applications (dApps) that use the first version of the Plutus smart contract platform will still be compatible after the Vasil upgrade. Those developers who want to take advantage of all the enhancements offered by Plutus V2 will have to utilize and deploy them in their applications. They may also want to undergo a fresh audit due to significant code changes.

Tim Harrison tweeted, “Current DApps built using Plutus v1 will be compatible after the Vasil upgrade. And all will benefit from pipelining network upgrade. Developers wishing to take full advantage of Plutus v2 features after the upgrade, will need to use them in their DApps. Welcome to software, Thor.”

What Is Vasil Hard Fork?

Vasil hard fork is named after Bulgarian mathematician Vasil Dabov, a prominent Cardano ambassador who passed away recently. It aims to bring numerous upgrades to network capacity and Cardano’s smart contract programming language Plutus, which enables Cardano decentralized application (dApp) development.

Vasil upgrade is expected to bring major updates to network throughput, improvements to the Plutus smart contract language for DApps developers, reducing the latency of block transmission, and introduction of “diffusion pipelining” to the Cardano blockchain.

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It’s important to note that the focus of the Vasil hard fork is to improve the Cardano network for all users and boost the development experience for Cardano developers.

Earlier this week, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano (ADA), tweeted that the launch of the hard fork would lead to a new wave of activity on the blockchain.

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