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Cardano Developer Debunks Hydra 1 Million TPS Capability Rumor, Hoskinson Reacts

Presently, Cardano is developing its layer-2 (L2) solution, Hydra. While Hydra development begins to near completion, claims of the L2 solution being able to handle over a million transactions per second (TPS) surfaced.

As earlier revealed by Sebastian Nagel, a Cardano developer working on Hydra, the Hydra node’s first mainnet-compatible version was released last week.

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Why Hydra?

Hydra is an L2 solution developed to improve Cardano’s market performance, especially the Cardano project’s scalability and overall transaction. Hydra functions by making several “heads” or “subchains” that can run in parallel processing different transactions independently.

In a new development, Marco Meerman, a Cardano Specialized Operator (SPO) took to his official Twitter account to share claims of a possible 1 million Cardano transactions per second (TPS) using Hydra.

What Are KtorZ and Hoskinson Saying About The 1 Million TPS

Matthias “KtorZ” Benkfort, a technical director at the Cardano Foundation, who also doubles as one of the Cardano developers, recently debunked Marco’s 1 million TPS claims, stating that the assertion by Marco was deceptive. Mathias noted, ‘No, it is not. Please stop spreading the “1 million tps” narrative; it is misleading.’

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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), also discredited Marco’s claims via a Twitter streaming session he organized. However, reports had it that Hoskinson had likely spread the 1 million TPS narrative unconsciously in one of his live-streaming sessions hosted in March 2020.


Hoskinson reportedly stated, “…as we add more stake pools, we get more heads, and the performance will scale up. For example, if you have a thousand TPS and a thousand heads, you could be looking at the maximum theoretical performance of a million transactions per second.”

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