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BitBoy’s Suggested Amount Required to Become XRP Millionaire Implies a $6.7 Price Rally

Famous crypto influencer, Ben Armstrong, widely known as Bitboy, gives his opinion on the amount of XRP that could make one ascend a millionaire status. Bitboy made this disclosure in a recently released video that appears to be grabbing headlines.

According to Armstrong, any crypto enthusiast that wishes to attain an XRP millionaire status must own 150,000 XRP tokens or more.

Whale Alert

As expected, crypto enthusiasts have reacted to BitBoy’s opinion via various social platform, especially Twitter. It’s worth noting that for 150,000 XRP to make an investor a millionaire, its price must rise up to $6.7.

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What Are Some XRP Community Members Saying? 

Jenna, another renowned crypto influencer, conducted a poll on Twitter, which attracts thousands of reactions from the XRP community.

Intriguingly, about 62.5% of the crypto enthusiasts who gave their views disagreed with Bitboy’s assertion, they argued that one could become a millionaire by owning less than 150k worth of XRP tokens. The remaining 22.6% felt Armstrong may be right in his assertion, so they saw no need to discredit his point of view.

In another development, it’s revealed that a prominent crypto trader, Nebraskan Gooner, made fun of Armstrong’s suggestion. Gooner was said to have shared a screenshot of an article where he highlighted the two procedures hinted at by Bitboy, which involve creating a token and using the profits to purchase $1 million worth of XRP.

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BitBoy’s Reaction

BitBoy stressed the importance of embracing a conservative approach. Going further, Bitboy warned against being too aggressive with predictions as it could pose potential harm. “I learned one thing from the last bull run – being more conservative never hurt anyone. Being too aggressive with predictions can hurt people,” Armstrong said.


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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
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