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Cardano Creator: XRP Community Is Not Ready For Peace

The crypto community witnessed a heated exchange this week as Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano (ADA), criticized the XRP community once again.

Hoskinson, during a recent AMA session, accused the XRP community of spreading “misconceptions and falsehoods.” The accusations revolve around the ETHGate conspiracy theory and the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple.

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The Root of the Dispute

Hoskinson’s main contention lies with the conspiracy theory that Ethereum backers swayed the SEC’s decision to take legal action against XRP. He strongly refuted these claims, emphasizing the absence of concrete evidence. The Cardano (ADA) creator urged the XRP community to engage in rational, fact-based discussions.

Hoskinson expressed his frustration with the XRP community, stating, “There’s no desire for peace there.” He also challenged Ripple leaders Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz to publicly reject the baseless allegations against Ethereum.

The IOG chief clarified that his comments on the ETHGate controversy were misinterpreted. He recognized potential regulatory issues around Ethereum but argued that focusing on these issues diverts attention from Ripple’s more pressing legal battle with the SEC.

Looking Beyond the Feud

While the Hoskinson feud with the XRP community grabs headlines, experts caution against oversimplification. Some suggest that the hostility may be rooted in the competitive DeFi space, where Cardano and XRP are both striving for dominance. Others point to the fundamental differences in their technical approaches and visions for the future of blockchain technology.

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Amid the ongoing discord, leading figures in the crypto community stress the need for unity and collaboration. They argue that the focus should be on promoting knowledge sharing, encouraging healthy competition based on merit, and prioritizing the real-world adoption of blockchain technology for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.


The feud serves as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls of misinformation, unchecked competition, and philosophical divides within the crypto space. As the industry matures, open and honest communication, evidence-based discussions, and respectful collaboration will be key to navigating these complexities and ensuring the sustainable growth of blockchain technology.

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