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Cardano Creator to Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk: “Just Wait Until You Guys Discover Haskell”

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA), was recently in a discussion with former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Tesla CEO Elon Musk over programming languages.

This came about after a Tesla fan asked Elon Musk to include software notes in the Tesla app. In response to the user’s request, Musk showcased his like for simple C and dislike for the more advanced programming language C++.

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Elon Musk responded, “Transformers are replacing C heuristics for post-processing of the vision NN’s “giant bag of points”. [Side note: I hate the bloated mess that is modern C++, but love simple C, as you know what it will compile to in terms of actual CPU operations.]”

Surprisingly, Jack Dorsey also shares similar opinion. He wrote, “C is the absolute best. rust a close second.”

Contributing to the thread, Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson said, just wait until you guys discover haskell.”

It should be noted that Cardano’s smart contract programming language is based on Haskell. Cardano is developed in Haskell for both its off-chain and on-chain codes. However, Haskell is not one of the most widely used programming languages.

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Why Cardano Adopts Haskell

According to a Medium post published by Cardano Foundation, Cardano adopts Haskell because it allows programmers to be certain that the code they have implemented is correct.


Stressing the reason further, Cardano Foundation wrote, “

“We know from experience that the resultant vulnerabilities, code failures, or smart contract exploits on other blockchains and smart contract languages have resulted in disastrous consequences and led to considerable financial losses, often in the billions of dollars. This has led some to question whether smart contracts will ever be viable from a risk perspective to institutional users.”

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