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Cardano (ADA) Stablecoin Hub to Build Bridge between Cardano and Near Protocol

Cardano (ADA) stablecoin hub, Ardana, intends to build a bridge between Cardano blockchain and Near Protocol.

The future of the blockchain could be a multi-chain approach to networks, creating a master structure where transactions can be freely conducted across an entire ecosystem of chains. A new collaboration between Cardano (ADA) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is bringing this closer to life, with its infrastructure bridge.

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Going by a press release shared a couple of hours ago, Ardana ($DANA), an all-in-one hub for stablecoins on the Cardano network, and NEAR, an advanced decentralized application platform, will share interconnectivity, with value and data transferal across Cardano and Near infrastructures.

Importance of Ardana to Users

Ardana gives its users the ability to mint, trade, stake, and store value on its platform. Its native token DANA is already listed on, BitMart, and MEXC.

The protocol gives users access to an on-chain verifiably asset-backed stablecoin, where they can use leverage on ADA and other native assets to amplify the value of their positions.

Ardana also hosts a decentralized DEX, with an emphasis on stablecoins and stable assets. The DEX promises limited slippage, deep liquidity, and the ability to trade swaps, as well as giving access to high yield investment opportunities for those who stake their holdings.

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Reacting to the new development, CEO and Founder of Ardana, Ryan Matovu said:


“Ardana is on a mission to provide the crypto community with seamless integration between different projects and ecosystems. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with NEAR that will bring Ardana closer to this goal. The collaboration will help both organizations explore new avenues of growth in the emerging ecosystem of blockchain technology and will prove to be a landmark in the future for blockchain scalability.”

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Tobi Loba
Tobi Loba
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