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Cardano (ADA) Network Has Spent 2129 Days With Zero Downtime

Cardano, the prominent proof-of-stake blockchain, has achieved an unprecedented milestone by maintaining uninterrupted network uptime for the past 2,129 days and counting. This accomplishment solidifies Cardano’s position as a leading blockchain network, setting it apart from others plagued by persistent downtimes.

A New Feat for Cardano, Challenging Blockchain Norms

Dave, a passionate Cardano DEX and development enthusiast, shared the news of this achievement on the 26th of July, generating excitement within the community. This update underscores Cardano’s reliability and stability, placing it among the most trustworthy blockchains.

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According to the disclosure, Cardano currently boasts of an impressive network uptime of 5.83 years. In other words, the blockchain, founded by Charles Hoskinson, has encountered no downtime issues in over 2,000 days and continues to thrive.

Dave further emphasized the network’s resilience, stating that it surpasses the uptime capabilities of even the largest service providers in the world.

Robust User Activity on Cardano Network

Cardano’s consistent uptime has encouraged more crypto users to engage with the network for various transactions. Remarkably, daily transactions on the network have consistently exceeded 60,000 in the past 15 days.

As of July 26, the total number of transactions executed on Cardano reached 68,757. Notably, the highest daily transaction volume recorded within the same 15-day period occurred on July 13 when the network processed an impressive total of 89,159 q  transactions.

The data on Cardano Scan Explorer reveals that as of July 27, the overall transaction count on the network stands at 72,264,823. Additionally, recent data from the platform highlights that approximately 22.79 billion ADA tokens are staked across 3,182 total stake pools.

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As the number of users staking ADA continues to increase, a renowned crypto analyst predicts that the asset’s value may find stability against BTC in the third quarter of the year. Notably, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has previously disclosed that all of his ADA holdings are staked, showcasing his confidence in the platform’s growth.


Cardano’s uninterrupted uptime and the network’s thriving user activity demonstrate the platform’s resilience and potential as it continues to solidify its position within the blockchain industry.

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