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Bloomberg Analyst Shares Requirements for XRP Spot ETF Approval

The buzz around an XRP exchange-traded fund (ETF) is getting louder, but the path through regulations remains complex. James Seyffart, a respected ETF researcher at Bloomberg Intelligence, sheds light on what it takes for XRP Spot ETF to happen.

Seyffart made it clear that XRP Spot ETF won’t happen anytime soon. However, he offers a glimmer of hope by suggesting that the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit could be a game-changer.

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He said a positive court outcome could open doors for XRP to join the exclusive club of digital assets with established ETFs, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We need to understand the current regulatory landscape to grasp the prerequisites for an XRP ETF. Seyffart emphasizes the need for a federally regulated futures market.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), overseen by the CFTC, can unlock this opportunity. This explains why Bitcoin and Ethereum already have ETFs, thanks to their CME futures markets, while others await their turn.

CME, Futures, and Potential Spot Trading

Seyffart speculates that the SEC might require a futures ETF or even direct spot trading for XRP before approval. However, he doubts the latter option in the current climate. Therefore, the CME and a futures ETF appear to be the most likely paths for XRP ETF aspirations.

Looking beyond immediate requirements, Seyffart hints at the possibility of Congressional involvement in reshaping the market structure for digital assets beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ongoing legal battles initiated by the SEC against Coinbase, Kraken, and others may also impact how various cryptocurrencies are classified.

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Hope in the Face of Uncertainty

The journey towards an XRP ETF is filled with uncertainties. While Seyffart’s analysis raises doubts about a swift arrival, it doesn’t extinguish the flame of hope. The SEC vs. Ripple case remains a crucial turning point, and even without immediate ETF approval, the possibility of a futures-based solution or Congressional intervention keeps the dream alive.


For XRP investors, the message is clear: stay informed, remain optimistic, and prepare for the long haul. The regulatory landscape continues to evolve. Although the wait for an XRP ETF may seem never-ending, navigating these complexities could eventually pave the way for the digital asset.

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