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Bitcoin Trader Says His Dad Sells House Worth $800,000 to Purchase XRP

In what could be described as a surprisingly unexpected bold move, a renowned Bitcoin trader, Myles, has revealed his father’s questionable investment choice, creating a widespread reaction in the crypto community.

According to the Bitcoin trader, his dad liquidated his home for $800,000 and diverted the funds into XRP investment.

Whale Alert

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The Full Story

Taking to X, Myles described his dad’s exploit in the crypto space, emphasizing how his father seemed to have been making profits off top crypto projects like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) during their early days.

Notedly, Myles’ tweet revealed that his father boasts a reasonable wealth of crypto space knowledge. He noted that his dad had been investing and trading for more than fifty years. He said he introduced him to Bitcoin and Ethereum when they were trading at $7,000 and $200, respectively.

Meanwhile, describing his choice to invest heavily in XRP, Myles stated that his father perceives the decision as profitable. The Bitcoin trader wrote, “He said this is going to be the biggest home run he’s ever made.”

Possible Bright Future For XRP 

Taking account of Myle’s story, especially considering that he confirmed the story to be a real-life story and how his father introduced him to Bitcoin and Ethereum at the price levels highlighted above, it could imply that the Bitcoin trader’s father might have seen something big coming off XRP in the future.

What the above implies is that crypto enthusiasts who are XRP doubters might have a rethink about its future. This could ultimately attract more XRP users, driving up its value in the process.

There is a possibility that Myles still holds the BTC and ETH he purchased at $7,000 and $200, respectively, since he is still an active trader. 

Should the above be the case, it means that his Bitcoin holdings have surged by 628.6% based on current $51,061 selling prices. On the other hand, Ethereum would have appreciated by 1,378% to its present $2,956 price status.

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When Will Myles Sell His XRP Holdings?

In another tweet, the Bitcoin trader displayed his XRP holding, hinting at when he plans to trade them. Myles noted that he intends to sell off his holding this year when its price reaches levels between $3 and $7.

Per XRP’s data on CoinGecko, the digital asset is worth approximately $0.54, reflecting a 1.9% increase in the past 24 hours. Attaining price levels at $3 and $7 would imply spikes of about 455.6% and 1,196.3%, respectively.

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