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Apple Involves Ripple In This Newly Launched Payment Feature

Tech giant Apple recently announced a new feature for Apple Pay called “Tap to Pay.” This feature allows iPhone users to easily and instantly transfer funds between their devices simply by placing them near each other. The reveal has generated significant interest in the cryptocurrency community, particularly for Ripple.

According to a post by JackTheRippler (@RippleXrpie), a popular XRP influencer, Ripple is collaborating with Apple on the Tap to Pay functionality. JackTheRippler extends the excitement for this partnership to XRP, stating that it is the backbone of the new financial system.

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Apple’s Tap to Pay Technology

The Payment Request API update for Apple Pay incorporates Ripple’s Interledger protocol. This signifies Apple’s recognition of Ripple’s technology and its potential to facilitate innovative payment solutions. The collaboration between these two industry leaders paves the way for exciting developments in the future of mobile payments and the broader financial system.

The industry response to the Tap to Pay announcement has been overwhelmingly positive for XRP. Proponents see this development as a significant validation of Ripple’s brand and its commitment to simplifying and revolutionizing global payment processes. Ripple’s core technology is designed to enable secure, transparent, and cost-effective cross-border transactions at high speeds.

Ripple representatives recently met with the National Bank of Georgia to discuss central bank digital currency (CBDC). That development, combined with the partnership with Apple, serves as a strong endorsement of Ripple’s ability to deliver on its promises of fast and cheap payments.

XRP’s Potential Role in Tap to Pay

While specific details regarding Ripple’s involvement in Tap to Pay are still emerging, the integration of Interledger technology suggests a potential role for XRP. Interledger functions as a medium for connecting different blockchain networks and traditional payment systems, enabling seamless communication and value transfer.

In the context of Tap to Pay, XRP could potentially act as a bridge currency, facilitating the exchange of value between different digital wallets and traditional bank accounts. This would streamline the transaction process and eliminate the need for multiple currency conversions, ensuring a frictionless user experience.

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What’s Next for XRP?

While Ripple has achieved numerous milestones, the XRP’s price has not shown these successes. However, the XRP community remains optimistic about the future, with many anticipating a significant price increase in the coming months.


Analysts also expect a breakout soon, and a partnership with the third-biggest company by market valuation will certainly bring some change to XRP’s perception.

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