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Analyst Says XRP Has Avoided ASO Bearish Cross. Here’s the Significance

EGRAG CRYPTO, a well-respected analyst in the XRP community, recently shared positive news regarding the Average Sentiment Oscillator (ASO) for XRP.

On May 8, EGRAG CRYPTO highlighted the potential for a bearish cross on the ASO, which could have indicated a decline in market sentiment. However, a recent divergence between the ASO lines has prevented this bearish crossover, offering a more optimistic outlook.

Analyst Says XRP ASO Bearish Cross Has Been Avoided. Here's the Significance
Source: Egrag Crypto/X

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The ASO Indicator

The Average Sentiment Oscillator (ASO) is a technical analysis tool that attempts to gauge the overall sentiment surrounding a particular cryptocurrency. The ASO utilizes two lines: a blue line representing bullish sentiment and a red line representing bearish sentiment. When the blue line crosses above the red line, it signifies a potential shift toward bullish sentiment and vice versa.

The significance of avoiding a bearish cross on the ASO lies in its potential to influence future price movements. Historically, periods of strong bullish sentiment on the ASO have often preceded price increases for XRP.

EGRAG CRYPTO shows multiple examples in his chart, including a 55,000% surge in 2017 that took XRP to its all-time high of $3.84 in January 2018, and a 1,500% surge in 2021 that sent XRP to $1.96.

Is a Bull Run Imminent? 

It’s important to acknowledge that the ASO is not a foolproof indicator. Market sentiment can be complex and influenced by factors beyond the scope of the ASO.  News events, regulatory changes, and broader market trends can all shape XRP’s price.

Despite these limitations, the recent ASO divergence offers a positive sign for XRP investors. This change, combined with a potential reset of XRP’s Stoch-RSI, also spotted by EGRAG CRYPTO, suggests that the market sentiment surrounding XRP may improve, potentially leading to upward price movements.

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XRP’s Future

EGRAG CRYPTO’s message also highlights the importance of patience in cryptocurrency markets. While the ASO divergence is a positive development, it’s crucial to remember that price movements in the cryptocurrency market can be volatile and unpredictable.


Looking ahead, it will be interesting to observe how the ASO develops in the coming weeks and months. If the bullish sentiment continues to strengthen, it could bolster investor confidence and potentially contribute to a price increase for XRP. With major developments like potential XRP ETFs, there is a good chance XRP’s bullish sentiment will keep rising.

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