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Analyst Calls $5 XRP Price. Here’s when

Technical indicators and recent market activity suggest a potential breakout for XRP, with some analysts predicting a significant price increase in the coming months. World of Charts (@WorldOfCharts1) recently identified a symmetrical triangle pattern on XRP’s chart, a technical formation often associated with price volatility and potential breakouts.

A symmetrical triangle is a chart pattern formed by converging trendlines, indicating a period of price consolidation. As the price fluctuates within the triangle, typically over several weeks or months, buying and selling pressures balance each other. This consolidation phase can be a precursor to a significant price movement upwards or downwards.

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In the case of XRP, the symmetrical triangle has been forming over an extended period, as World of Charts traces its origin back to early 2020. This prolonged consolidation suggests a potentially strong breakout if the price surpasses the triangle’s upper trendline decisively.

How High Can XRP Climb? 

World of Charts projects a price target of $4 to $5 based on the symmetrical triangle formation in the coming months. The maximum target of $5 translates to a potential increase of over 847% from XRP’s current price of $0.5277, showing the immense potential possessed by XRP.

Supporting the bullish outlook for XRP is its current trading behavior. The digital asset is sitting above the $0.52 crucial support level. Despite a slight 1.37% dip over the last 24 hours, XRP’s price above this level suggests investor confidence and strengthens the possibility of a breakout from the symmetrical triangle.

Shared Bullish Expectations

Meanwhile, Dark Defender, another well-known crypto analyst on X, applied the Elliott Wave Theory and other technical analysis tools to XRP’s price movement. The Elliott Wave Theory posits that a bull market unfolds in five distinct waves, with the third wave typically characterized by the most significant price gains. Dark Defender believes XRP is in this wave, which he calls the Grand Wave 3, and expects massive surges soon.

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EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto), another prominent analyst recently predicted that an XRP mega run is coming, and he expects the digital asset to reach double-digit targets.


The 12.09% surge in XRP’s trading volume over the last 24 hours also signifies growing investor interest and market activity. While future price movements are uncertain, investors are accumulating XRP, suggesting that the anticipated breakout could occur soon.

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