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Amount of XRP Required To Make $1M, $5M, $10M, Or $15M If XRP Reclaims $3.3 ATH

With the crypto market nearing its bull season, assets like XRP have been poised for remarkable growth, especially after the prevailing lawsuit between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission seemed to be favoring the digital asset. 

Following recent happenings in the crypto sphere coupled with the Bitcoin halving event estimated to play out in April 2024, XRP has been replicating some impressive market trends of late.

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It’s worth noting that Bitcoin halving has been historically bullish, not only for BTC but for the whole crypto market. However, XRP missed out on the market rally initiated by the last Bitcoin halving due to the predicament it faced following the SEC lawsuit against Ripple in December 2020.

At press time, XRP’s statistics on the popular crypto assets tracking site revealed its price to be $0.62. Notedly, the crypto asset is up by 58.6% when compared to its market value same time last year.

On a more impressive note, several analyses and price predictions on XRP have always been bullish, projecting the coin to remarkable market highs. 

While it is tricky to name a specific price target for XRP in the future, the common sentiment has always hinged on XRP surpassing its all-time high (ATH) recorded in January 2018.

Having established the above facts, This insight hopes to educate readers on the amount of XRP required to make $1 million, $5 million, $10 million, Or $15 million if hits its price all-time high of $3.3.

XRP Required To Make $1 Million At All-Time High

Approximately 303,030 XRP tokens will be worth a million dollars at the XRP price all-time high. Procuring this quantity of tokens at the coin’s current price of $0.62 would imply an investment capital of about $187,878.

Mathematically, potential gains from the investment above would run into $812,121. 

XRP Required To Make $5 Million At All-Time High

Achieving $5 million in XRP once the token reaches its ATH would require holding of 1,515,152 XRP.

The required XRP holdings above are worth approximately $939,394, implying remarkable returns on investment (ROI) of about $4.1 million for investors who would hop into the project before hitting its ATH.

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XRP Required To Make $10 Million At All-Time High

Approximately 3.03 million XRP holdings will sum up to $10 million once it reclaims its ATH. Purchasing the required XRP holding now would cost about $1.88 million.

Profits from replicating the above investment action would be around $8.12 million.


XRP Required To Make $15 Million At All-Time High

To achieve $15 million in XRP at ATH, an investor is required to purchase 4.55 million XRP, which would cost about $2.82 million at current prices and ROI of approximately $12.18 million.

Finally, this insight was coined from the presumption of XRP reclaiming its ATH anytime in the future. Readers should note that there are no substantial indications strongly pointing to XRP reclaiming its ATH now or in the future. Research and investigations remain valuable tools for making informed investment decisions.

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