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AdaSwap Gets Listed On Poolz and DAO Maker To Bring $ASW To A Broader Audience

Tel Aviv, Israel, 30th March, 2022,

AdaSwap, the next-gen Cardano DEX, completes another milestone by getting listed on the Poolz and DAO Maker IDO platforms. As a result, users can look forward to joining the ASW Initial DEX Offerings across these platforms in the near future.

AdaSwap continues to fuel growth and development on the Cardano blockchain. The ecosystem’s native decentralized exchange, swap protocol, and NFT marketplace will offer Cardano and its users more decentralized finance opportunities. Moreover, AdaSwap and ADANFT aim to create a new generation of holders who benefit from various partnerships and cross-chain capabilities.

AdaSwap combines gamification elements with Cardano’s native throughput to enable fast transactions and maintain low transfer fees. Moreover, the DEX resides on an L2 solution that enables the team to offer a smooth user experience without technical constraints.

The roadmap for AdaSwap hinted at how the $ASW token would release to contributors and exchanges in Q1 2022. The team has made significant progress, as AdaSwap is now listed on both DAO Maker and Poolz.

AdaSwap CEO Lennon Qualmann comments:

“AdaSwap is thrilled to announce our upcoming IDO partners, both of these platforms have outstanding track records and add great value to projects. We are excited to see how they lead us into the next frontier and open up AdaSwap to the world.”

For Poolz, users can join the whitelist to access the $ASW IDO through staking $Poolz. Additional whitelist spots will be allocated to $Cards holders from AdaSwap. Whitelist winners will be able to acquire the token for $0.005, with 50% distributed during the Token Generation Event (TGE) and the remainder unlocking a month after.

Poolz CEO Guy Oren states:

“Cardano is a rapidly evolving third-generation blockchain that is positioned to bring many benefits to the blockchain and crypto space. We are extremely delighted to have been an early supporter of ADASwap and are optimistic about a highly successful IDO.”

The listing of AdaSwap on DAO Maker is a significant development. DAO Maker is widely considered to be one of the top platforms for IDO token sales. Moreover, the platform has a strong community of enthusiasts who can bring more attention to AdaSwap and the broader Cardano ecosystem.

DAO Maker CSO and Co-founder Hassan Sheikh adds:

“The Cardano ecosystem has tens of billions in liquid value. Its current DeFi landscape is capturing not even 1% of that. This leaves a major uncapitalized opportunity for DeFi infrastructure serving the Cardano community. ADAswap, with the launch of its AMM, is delivering to a tremendous community a critical trading avenue and a DeFi pillar that has proven to be successful time and time again.”


AdaSwap secured $2.6 million in funding earlier this year. The round was led by iAngels and attended by Shima Capital, GBV, Efficient Frontier, Pluto Digital, Coti, Banter Capital, Stardust, and Finova. Various angel investors, including Jason Varsano and Gal Gadot, also contributed to the round. The funds will be used to build out the best DEX on Cardano.

About AdaSwap

AdaSwap is an ecosystem builder aiming to create the first DEX on the Cardano network. The AdaSwap DEX will make it easy to swap cryptocurrency tokens; create, buy and sell NFTs; launch new projects and stake funds in liquidity pools to earn fees on the Cardano blockchain.


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