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A Year-Long Fractal Chart Spots XRP’s Path to $1.3, Analyst Indicates Likely Timeline

In his new chart, EGRAG CRYPTO, a bold XRP-focused analyst, presented a year-long fractal chart with a promising potential trend. The chart dates back to January 2023 and uses the history of XRP to predict its future trajectory, with XRP landing at $1.3 around March 2024.

This prediction was obtained by superimposing the fractal onto the current XRP price movements. This gave valuable insights into how XRP might behave at critical price points.

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According to EGRAG, the MACRO Resistance zone has been the most formidable challenge for XRP. He said it has stubbornly persisted since 2018 between $0.80 and $0.85.

Based on the price history, XRP has always found it difficult to cross this price level, and there’s a lot to worry about if it gets to this zone again.

The Ultimate Test for XRP

However, EGRAG CRYPTO points out that the ultimate test lies at the $1.3 price point. He said the price level has a descending trendline and is a more formidable MACRO resistance than the $0.80 to $0.85 range.

EGRAG CRYPTO describes XRP reaching $1.3 as a “nail-biting” moment. In his words, “A strong rejection here could potentially mean another prolonged struggle, spanning months or even years.”

Another prolonged struggle is the opposite of what the XRP community needs at the moment. A drop like that will negatively affect the community and their beloved cryptocurrency. However, he presents an alternate scenario, which the community is anticipating. He said, “To breach this critical barrier and Breakthrough means we are going to Valhalla.”

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According to his former prediction, crossing this price point could see XRP climb as high as $7. Although that prediction begins with a price drop, it could see XRP become one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the market.


He closes out, saying, “#XRPArmy STAY STEADY, Grab 2 #XRP for a dollar; it is a generational buying opportunity.” XRP is currently trading at $0.5023. Getting two tokens for just over a dollar might never be possible again if XRP follows these predictions.

It’s important to note that investors are required to do their own research and understand the risks involved. However, this could be the perfect opportunity for anyone who believes in XRP already.

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