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17-Year Old Hacker Admits to Stealing 88 ETH Worth $340,000 in NFT Scam, then Refunds it.

The upcoming Toadz non-fungible token (NFT) project encountered a notable problem a couple of hours ago after a hacker broke into their Discord server and deceive members of the community into sending over 88ETH worth more than $340,000 at that time of the incident.

As shared via the official Twitter handle of CreatureToadz NFT, the hacker, posing as the discord group’s moderator shared a web link portended to be for the members of the community to mint the upcoming Toadz NFT project.  It was later discovered that the link was a scam, but this was after some members of the community have sent over 88ETH to the hacker’s wallet.

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To the greatest surprise of the community, the whole ETH was refunded by the same hacker. Many concluded that the hacker did not have a bad motive compared to the past attacks like that of Poly Network and Cream Finance.

CreatureToadz NFT tweeted, “In an insane turn of events, the hacker has returned all the money he stole!!! This is one of the craziest nights of my life. All the affected will be refunded fully in ETH.”

Hacker’s Identity Revealed

OKHotshot, an anonymous NFT evaluator, was able to track the Ethereum address that received the whole ETH from the fake minting contract, in order to identify the perpetrator.

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As reported by Crypto Briefing, the hacker was tracked with the help of a paper trail left by his Ethereum transaction. OKHotshot thereby connected the hacker’s identity to a Twitter user called HEERR.

In the course of a discussion hosted on Twitter by Andrew Wang, an NFT investor and writer, with the Creature Toadz community, HEERR publicly claimed the responsibility and said it was only for fun. The hacker was identified to be a 17-year-old high school male student.

OKHotshot tweeted, “@CreatureToadz after finding out the scammer was (is) in our spaces I called him out directly “do the right thing, give the ETH back”. Now it turns out the scammer listened and returned the 88 ETH back to team.”


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However, OKhotshot is of the opinion that the hacker was not joking as claimed, he only said it was a joke to avoid the legal trouble that may come as a result of the bad act.

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