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XRPL Labs Set To Add Quick Response (QR) Payments Feature on Xumm Wallet: Details 

XUMM wallet users would be able to make quick response (QR) payments in supported retail stores in the near future, according to Wietse Wind, the XRP Ledger Labs lead developer. Consequently, an additional use case has been added for the native currency of the XRP Ledger – XRP – which is mostly being used to settle cross-border payments by the crypto solutions company, Ripple.

Wietse Wind made this known to XUMM wallet users on Monday during a Twitter discussion. Notably, the positive disclosure came to light following a user’s request for a Xumm wallet debit card. 

The user asked, “Do you think it is gonna be possible that one day we can use our XUMM tangem card to purchase something in-store? or you integrated a Debit card into XUMM wallet? I love XUMM so just throwing some thought, I don’t even know if it’s possible or not.”

In response, the developer noted that a better solution is currently being developed by the XRPL Labs team, citing that a QR payments feature built on the XRP Ledger will be launched sooner than later to enable Xumm wallet users to make purchases in retail stores. 

Wietse Wind wrote, “Why a card? What about Xumm XRPL-powered QR payments in retail stores? Will happen sooner than you think.” 

This update comes shortly after the XRPL Labs team onboarded a remarkable element for the Xumm Pro Wallet users, enabling the app users to link their XRP wallets to their usernames and profile pictures. This Xumm Profiles feature as it is called was announced last week. Generally, it allows Xumm wallet users to seamlessly move their XRPL-based assets using usernames and profile pictures instead of the usual long alphanumeric addresses.

It bears mentioning that Xumm wallet is on the course of launching a “Buy and Sell XRP” xApp for fiat globally. Per a tweet shared in December, the XUMM team announced that the wallet will soon have a new xApp, where users I’m different countries can buy and sell XRP in exchange for their respective fiat currency from several providers at competitive rates. 


Xumm Wallet wrote, “You didn’t really think we’d stop here, right? (At least four more being added. The “Buy & Sell XRP” xApp is coming, where you can find in-app purchase methods per currency & country. More onramp & offramp providers coming. So you can use the one most convenient for you.”

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