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XRP Trading Goes Live On United States Treasury-Registered Exchange 

A recent major development concerning XRP has renewed speculation of a massive surge for the digital asset. XRP secured a listing on Atlantis Exchange, a cryptocurrency trading platform boasting registration with the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

This development comes alongside a positive legal outlook for XRP, potentially paving the way for further exchange listings, industry acceptance, and a future price surge.

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In an announcement on X, Atlantis Exchange confirmed the addition of XRP to its supported cryptocurrencies. XRP trading began on the platform on March 17, 2024, at 5:00 AM UTC, with the XRP/USD trading pair.

Currently, XRP deposits on Atlantis Exchange are facilitated through the BNB Chain (BEP20) network, as XRP Ledger (XRPL) integration is not yet available. However, deposit functionality has been operational since March 13, 2024. With trading now available, Atlantis will enable withdrawals on March 20, 2024. The exchange charges a 0.2% fee for XRP trading.

Atlantis Exchange’s XRP Optimism and Regulatory Status

Beyond the listing announcement, Atlantis Exchange predicted a bullish outlook for XRP, suggesting a potential 100x increase for the cryptocurrency in a follow-up announcement on X. The exchange encourages users to capitalize on this opportunity. Meanwhile, a Ripple executive once predicted a 100x growth for the crypto industry, and XRP could lead that charge with its potential 100x climb.

In the original announcement, Atlantis Exchange highlighted XRP’s utility as a facilitator for cross-border payments. The exchange also emphasized its role as the native token of XRPL, highlighting XRPL’s decentralized, open-source, and permissionless design and its rapid transaction processing times of 3-5 seconds.

Atlantis Exchange positions itself as a global leader in the cryptocurrency trading sphere, pioneering innovative financial technology solutions. They claim to have registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the United Nations.

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Important Considerations and XRP’s Expansion

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts have expressed concerns regarding Atlantis Exchange’s legitimacy. Accusations of being a potential scam have surfaced, with users reporting difficulties withdrawing their deposited funds. These concerns have been present for some time and should be factored into investor decisions when considering using the platform.

Despite this, the listing of XRP on Atlantis Exchange represents a noteworthy development, particularly given the platform’s claimed registration with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Recall that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse revealed in January that XRP’s legal clarity has opened up the U.S. market, and XRP’s expanding reach shows this happening in real time.

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