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XRP Holders To Receive Airdrop From Japanese IT Giant. Here’s How to be Eligible

In an exciting move for XRP holders, GMO Coin, the cryptocurrency exchange of Japanese IT giant GMO Internet, has announced a unique offer.

According to the report, eligible holders of XRP will have the opportunity to receive airdrops of Songbird (SGB) tokens. This initiative aims to reward loyal customers and expand GMO Coin’s presence in the crypto space.

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The Songbird Airdrop To XRP Holders

The airdrop is set to benefit customers who held physical XRP in a GMO Coin account as of December 2, 2020, at 9:00 AM. Interestingly, this offer is not limited to those solely holding XRP, as it also applies to customers utilizing GMO Coin’s crypto asset lending services.

To determine the amount of the airdrop, a snapshot of the customers’ XRP holdings will be taken at the specified time and converted to yen using GMO Coin’s unique proprietary method.

Inclusive Approach to Airdrops

One significant aspect of GMO Coin’s special offer is its inclusive nature. Even if customers decide to sell or transfer their XRP after the snapshot is taken, they will still be eligible for the airdrop. Straying from traditional airdrop practices, GMO Coin’s approach ensures that all qualified customers can benefit from this offer, regardless of their subsequent actions with their XRP holdings.

GMO Coin plans to deliver the Songbird airdrop funds to the qualifying accounts by September 29.

Customers eagerly await the arrival of their airdropped tokens, which will not only add value to their portfolios but also pique their interest in further engaging with GMO Coin’s services.

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GMO Coin’s Expanding Crypto Endeavors

GMO Coin’s decision to provide a unique offer to XRP holders reflects their ongoing bullish sentiment towards cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency exchange has been actively involved in making notable developments in the crypto space.

In addition to launching a crypto exchange, GMO Coin had previously embarked on a bitcoin mining operation, although it was subsequently closed due to a downturn in the crypto market in 2018.


Furthermore, GMO Internet has obtained a license to issue a JPY-pegged stablecoin in New York to solidify its presence. Adding to its momentum, GMO Financial Holdings acquired a 10% stake in AWR Capital, a prominent crypto hedge fund. These moves demonstrate the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the evolving digital asset landscape.

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