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XRP Is Under Coordinated Attack, Claims Influencer. Here Are the Points

Crypto influencer Ashley Prosper has alleged that the XRP community is facing a coordinated attack, pointing to several factors that suggest unfair treatment. Prosper cited the lack of mainstream media coverage surrounding the summary judgment in the SEC v. Ripple case as evidence of the purported attack.

Prosper also highlighted the constant spread of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) targeting XRP and Ripple, causing misinformation and hindering adoption. Furthermore, Prosper pointed to private entities like JPMorgan engaging with the SEC regarding XRP, suggesting competition.

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She expressed concern over hacked social media accounts of prominent XRP community members, labeling it as part of the coordinated attack.

Lastly, the influencer said the ongoing lawsuit has led to significant financial losses within the XRP ecosystem. While these claims raise important questions, further analysis and investigation are necessary to ascertain the validity of the allegations.

Limited Mainstream Media Coverage

According to Ashley Prosper, the limited mainstream media coverage following the summary judgment in the SEC v. Ripple case is indicative of a coordinated attack against the XRP community.

Despite being a substantial and high-profile case within the crypto industry, its coverage has been scarce. Prosper believes this lack of media attention perpetuates an unfair narrative surrounding Ripple and XRP.

Prosper has observed a synchronized and ongoing dissemination of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) against Ripple and XRP. This concerted effort to spread negative information has affected market sentiment and hindered the broader adoption of XRP, the influencer claimed.

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Competing Interests and Hacked Social Media Accounts

Prosper highlights private entities, such as JPMorgan, engaging with the SEC regarding XRP. The development of JPMorgan’s blockchain-based token for cross-border settlements has reportedly fueled concerns about competition with XRP.


Additionally, numerous influential members of the XRP community have reportedly experienced social media account hacks, further suggesting a coordinated attack on the community.

Prosper expresses concern over the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple, stating that it has resulted in substantial financial losses within the XRP ecosystem. The progress and outcomes of the lawsuit have significant implications for the future of XRP and its community.

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