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XRP Can Play a Big Role In Argentina As Pro-Bitcoin President-Elect Plans To Replace Peso with USD

Argentina’s recent election of pro-Bitcoin candidate Javier Milei has sparked speculation about the future of cryptocurrencies, particularly XRP, in the country’s economic landscape.

With plans to replace the Argentine Peso with the USD, Milei’s policies could pave the way for increased crypto adoption, capitalizing on the growing recognition of digital assets as alternative financial instruments.

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XRP’s Established Presence and Growing Acceptance

Argentina’s staggering inflation rate, currently at 143%, has driven many citizens to seek refuge in cryptocurrencies to preserve their wealth. This aligns with the pro-crypto lawyer John Deaton’s viewpoint, who believes Bitcoin will play a crucial role in revitalizing Argentina’s economy.

XRP, with its established presence in Argentina, is well-positioned to benefit from Milei’s pro-crypto stance. In May, Banco Galicia, one of the country’s leading privately owned banks, began supporting XRP trading on its investment banking platform alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), and USDC.

This move, even before the court ruling that cleared XRP of security classification by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), suggests a growing acceptance of XRP within Argentina’s financial sector. With the potential for crypto-friendly policies under Milei’s leadership, the adoption of XRP could further accelerate.

Addressing Economic Needs with XRP

XRP’s design and capabilities make it particularly suitable for Argentina’s economic needs. Its ability to facilitate ultra-fast and cost-effective money transfers positions it as a viable alternative to traditional payment systems, potentially alleviating the burden of inflation-driven transaction fees.

Moreover, XRP’s efficiency in cross-border payments makes it an ideal choice for remittance purposes, a significant factor considering Argentina’s large diaspora community. With new policies favoring crypto adoption, XRP could gain traction as a remittance tool, providing a more efficient and affordable way for individuals to send money across borders.

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Also, XRP’s historical appreciation and potential for value retention make it an attractive store of value, particularly in an economy grappling with inflation. The recent portfolio growth shared by pro-crypto attorney Jeremy Hogan further reinforces XRP’s potential. It offers individuals a means to preserve their wealth amidst economic uncertainty.


As Argentina embarks on a new chapter of government, XRP stands poised to play a multifaceted role in the country’s economic transformation. Its ability to address payment infrastructure challenges, facilitate cross-border remittances, and serve as a store of value aligns seamlessly with Argentina’s pressing financial needs.

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