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World’s first multi-chain Utility Platform for DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Web 3.0 and Metaverse

Bid auction is a multi-chain utility cryptocurrency project that offers a decentralized platform with a fantastic economic system strategically spread across DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Web3.0, and Meta-verse backed by an efficient and backtested business model.

Bid auction Token BIDA, which is the Platform’s native token launched on BSC and Solana Blockchain.

It is a utility cryptocurrency token that enables its holders to access seven fantastic real-world use cases and profit from an economic system that is wildly yet strategically spread across DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Web3.0, and Metaverse on the decentralized platform.

The ecosystem provided includes;

  • Auction and bidding.
  • Incentivized NFT minting Meta-verse game.
  • Online gambling.
  • Lending and borrowing.
  • Staking.
  • Launchpad and smart liquidity locker.

World’s first multi-chain Utility Platform for DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Web 3.0 and Metaverse

The long-awaited Private sale event is now live; Amazing packages for early investors only:

Private sale price is 6x cheaper than the launch price.

Private sale investors can claim 10% immediately after a private sale which will amount to 60% of their investment capital at launch on, and the remaining 90% will vest, monthly linear release after 3months.

The team is doxxed and smart contract audited more audits are scheduled as mentioned in the roadmap.

A brief overview of the ecosystem.

  • Auction & Bidding;

This feature on the platform will redefine goods and services offering, sales, and purchase by decentralizing the entire process, void of manipulation, middlemen, and government restrictions; giving holders total control.

On the auction and bidding platform holders can auction NFTs minted from gaming exercises, auction and bid for NFT gallery built in the meta-verse after minting a certain amount of NTF from gaming and also auction and bid for goods and services, other collectibles, and many more.

  • Incentivized (P2E) NFT minting Meta-verse game;

Holders of BIDA can earn incentives by participating in gaming activities in and out of the meta-verse and also mint NFTs from gaming exercises as a reward upon completing certain tasks and building an NFT gallery when they have minted a certain amount of NFT.

  • NFTs minted from gaming exercises can be auctioned at the auctioning platform, also bidders can bid for minted NFTs and NFT galleries to attract the owner’s attention with amazing offers.
  • Online gambling:

The online gambling industry is skyrocketing in value and more so ever since the event of the COVID-19 pandemic; taking advantage of It via Blockchain technology makes it even more profitable futuristically; decentralized online sports betting, online casino, bingo, lottery, prediction of game outcomes, and raffle draw. Also, Users can bet on favorite game players in and out of the meta-verse and earn when they win.

  • Lending & Borrowing;

Holders can profit from the economic system by lending their digital assets to borrowers (bettors and gammers) who intend to upgrade their position for higher profit.

  • Launchpad and smart liquidity locker:

The project also gives room for the birth of new projects and also provides investment opportunities that will drive the value of BIDA up because, before holders will qualify to participate, they will have to hold a certain amount of BIDA to qualify.

New tokens launched on the IDO platform will be given as a reward to holders who provide liquidity in gaming and gambling pools.

  • Smart liquidity locker was introduced in order for us to be able to guarantee the security of tokens we offer as a reward to those that provided liquidity.

This will greatly reduce the rate of fraud by a huge margin and increase the security of investments by reducing the risks involved.

  • Staking:

Holders will profit massively from the ecosystem by providing liquidity in various pools (gaming and gambling pool) and earn new tokens launched on the launch pad as rewards thus, they will be encouraged to hold more BIDA instead of selling, this will greatly increase the value of BIDA over a short period of time.

Grab your share of $BIDA early.

Private sale link:
Tobi Loba
Tobi Loba
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