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Vitalik Buterin Sparks Speculation with Deleted ‘XRP Better Sound Money than Bitcoin’ Post

In a recent post on X, Steven Nerayoff (@StevenNerayoff), a former Ethereum advisor and prominent XRP supporter, dug out a post where Vitalik Buterin gave positive remarks about XRP.

Nerayoff humorously suggested that Buterin might admire XRP secretly, stating, “Turns out @VitalikButerin aka #CryptoJudas secretly wants to be #XRP but he’s so shy he deleted his tweet.” Buterin deleted his post on the subject, but Nerayoff provided a screenshot showing his positive statements about XRP.

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Vitalik Buterin’s Comments on XRP

Pierre Rochard shared his opinion on Bitcoin as the “ideal stablecoin and store of value” on X in 2019. The vice president of the Bitcoin mining company Riot Platforms stated, “You may not like it, but this is what peak sound money looks like.” He provided a chart to support his idea of Bitcoin’s stability.

However, Vitalik Buterin had a different perspective. He stated, “I think you want to use XRP. The chart for XRP/XRP would look the same so it’s also sound money, but they have institutional adoption and partnerships so they’re better.”

He suggested that XRP might be a superior choice. Buterin argued that the price chart for XRP/XRP would exhibit similar sound money characteristics to Bitcoin. He further pointed out that XRP’s strength lies in its institutional adoption and partnerships within the cryptocurrency industry, making it the superior “sound money” option.

The Community’s Response

It is worth noting that some have interpreted Buterin’s comment as sarcasm, given the use of the trademark letters after institutional adoption and partnerships. The trademark signs could suggest that those are just company terms, not actual partnerships or adoptions for XRP.

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However, his true intentions are unknown, and many believe he is telling the truth. Buterin’s comments also got the attention of prominent XRP community member Crypto Eri (@sentosumosaba), who said, “XRP ‘it’s better sound money than Bitcoin.’ (a deleted Vitalik tweet). Not a surprise.”


The rest of the XRP community was not friendly to Buterin in their responses. One user called Buterin out for stealing his ideas for Ethereum from Ripple, and others commended Nerayoff for his work in unearthing Buterin’s comments.

Buterin and the XRP community have continued to be at loggerheads. Statements from Buterin in the past, like calling XRP completely centralized have intensified the friction.

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