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US Congressional Candidate Endorses Cardano (ADA) as an Efficient Blockchain Technology

In a recent tweet, January Walker, a 33-year-old congressional candidate for the center-left United Utah Party, listed Cardano as one of the examples of an “efficient” blockchain.

She also calls Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world that uses the power-hungry proof-of-work algorithm, “inefficient.”

Walker presents herself as a “pragmatic” and “futuristic” contender. She was a product manager before she entered politics.

The United Utah Party concentrates on matters that most citizens can agree on to combat tribalism in politics.

Walker garnered some negative feedback on Twitter on Monday after stating in a tweet that blockchain technology could help with the water crisis. Many users did not reciprocate her zeal for cutting-edge technology. One Twitter user said, “Utah doesn’t deserve much, but man, they deserve better than this.”

Walker, however, believes that by melding blockchain technology and internet-of-things (IoT), it may be feasible to improve compliance, sustainability, and consumption management.

The third-party candidate is also persuaded that blockchain technology has the potential to both secure user data from social media companies and, in 30 years, erase the country’s debt.

She compares blockchain to the internet and thinks that in ten years, people will be able to appreciate its value.

Walker is contesting the 4th Congressional District seat in Utah. Republican Burgess Owens, who won the seat in 2020, will be her opponent. Since United Utah barely garnered 2.13% of the vote back then, Walker’s chances of winning this election are next to none.


She says the following on cybersecurity and personal privacy on her campaign website:

“As illustrated in the Bill of Rights, data privacy is a human right. You should have full control over your personal data & not be a product of big data as we transition to a fully digital world. Solutions like Blockchain Identity Wallets will allow individuals to control their information and vote securely with Blockchain Voting in elections.”

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Tobi Loba
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