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Top YouTuber Exposes The Reality Of BlockDAG’s $24.7M Presale Compared To BitBot & Shiba Shootout

Digital influencers are shaping the cryptocurrency industry, and Oscar Ramos‘ analysis has shed light on BlockDAG’s consistent success. Ramos highlighted BlockDAG’s strong technical foundation, showcased in a comprehensive keynote video, praising its strategic roadmap that enhances blockchain technology and its X1 Miner App.

BlockDAG made a significant impact online with the launch of its 11th presale batch at $0.007 per coin, raising an impressive $24.6 million. With the support of crypto YouTubers like Ramos, the project stands out. Alongside BlockDAG, the crypto world is also energized by BitBot, an AI trading tool on Telegram, and Shiba Shootout, a game that combines gaming and NFTs on Ethereum, highlighting the industry’s innovative diversity.

BitBot Presale Success on Telegram’s AI Tool

BitBot, the pioneering AI trading tool on Telegram, has gained rapid attention with $3.2 million raised in presales. Seamlessly integrating with Telegram, BitBot provides an accessible platform for automated trading. Utilizing artificial intelligence, it enhances trading strategies, increasing user engagement and potentially improving trading outcomes. Crypto enthusiasts and investors are keenly watching its development, given its potential to change crypto trading dynamics.

Shiba Shootout: An Undervalued Crypto?

Shiba Shootout is emerging as an exciting yet undervalued cryptocurrency with significant potential in gaming. Built on Ethereum, it takes advantage of the blockchain’s stability. The project attracts interest with engaging gameplay and NFT integration, promising to boost user engagement and investment. The token’s burn mechanism aims to reduce supply over time, potentially raising its value. This, combined with its relatively low profile, could set it up for growth as more investors recognize its value.

Top YouTuber Exposes The Reality Of BlockDAG’s $24.7M Presale Compared To BitBot & Shiba Shootout

Oscar Ramos Fuels BlockDAG’s 600% Surge

Oscar Ramos, a notable crypto YouTuber, has endorsed BlockDAG, commending its innovative approach to crypto. He praised the keynote video at Shibuya Crossing, which clearly explains BlockDAG’s technical elements and protocols. He emphasized the use of proof-of-work and Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology to enhance smart contract security and performance.

Ramos emphasized BlockDAG’s strategic partnerships and comprehensive roadmap focused on blockchain development, its Explorer, and the X1 Miner App. He also acknowledged the broader online payment options for the presale, now including Bitcoin, USDT, Cardano, and more.

The BlockDAG mainnet launch has been advanced by four months, indicating strong technical readiness. This achievement, coupled with the presale price surging 600% to $0.007, reflects solid market confidence, with over $24.6 million raised.

BlockDAG: Fueled by Influencers, Set for Success

Oscar Ramos’ endorsement of BlockDAG demonstrates the power of influencer backing in crypto. He highlighted the project’s advanced technical features, roadmap, and the impressive $24.6 million presale.

Ramos’ support distinguishes BlockDAG from competitors like BitBot and Shiba Shootout. Its strategic approach and comprehensive planning set it apart in the competitive crypto landscape.

Top YouTuber Exposes The Reality Of BlockDAG’s $24.7M Presale Compared To BitBot & Shiba Shootout

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