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Top Lawyer Accuses Hinman of Being Paid to Attack XRP in Favor of Ethereum (ETH)

Following the recent release of the highly speculative Hinman emails and other drafts of William Hinman’s June 2018 speech, which seemed to create more controversies rather than clarity in the legal dispute between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton has shown displeasure about the intent of the released documents in a recent live show.

Attorney Jeremy Hogan waded into the debate, speculating that the Hinman speech was an intentional attack on XRP. The attorney also noted that the Ethereum Foundation might have paid Hinman to give ETH a free pass.

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Brief Overview Of The Recently Released Hinman Emails

Hinman emails contained all the contemplations at the SEC, which led up to Hinman’s infamous speech. The document exposed how top SEC officers attempted to prevent William Hinman, former director of SEC’s Corporation Finance, from giving a public lecture.

Also, another significant case was the Head of SEC’s Trading & Markets (T&M) notifying Hinman that the speech could provoke more confusion and disorder in the crypto market. Top bosses at the SEC also noted that the address failed Howey’s test, implying a zero legal standing.

Hinman failed to heed the warnings from SEC bosses as he went ahead to give the controversial speech, declaring Ethereum (ETH) a non-security asset based on the asset’s decentralization policy since its inception.

In addition, the document revealed that Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, was involved in drafting the speech, stirring up countless unanswered questions from the crypto community.

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“Bill Hinman was somehow paid” – Jeremy Hogan

The trio of attorney John Deaton, former SEC lawyer Marc Fagel, and pro-XRP lawyer Jeremy Hogan were recently involved in a CryptoLaw live cast, in which they deliberated about the controversies revolving around the Hinman documents.

Hogan noted that Ripple is yet to come to terms with the circumstances that might have inspired Hinman to give the speech, knowing fully well that it initially does not want to incriminate anyone.

Hogan stated, “My speculation is that Ripple [is saying] Bill Hinman was somehow paid, and he was paid by the Ethereum Foundation or someone related to Ethereum to give the speech, give Ethereum a free pass.”

Speaking further, Hogan noted, “We really see in these emails that right from the get-go, he [Hinman] even named the title of his first email as ‘the Ether speech.’ Right from the get-go, he is saying that ETH is not a security, and that was the point of him making the speech.”

Hinman’s Speech: An Attack On Ripple And A Free Pass For Ethereum

The pro-XRP lawyer pointed out factors the Hinmam speech used to exclude Ethereum as a security asset. These factors include decentralization and how many tokens a promoter holds.

Hogan stressed that the forenamed factors would be baseless in a court of law, implying a potential attack on XRP and Ripple. In addition, the attorney noted that at the time of the speech, Ripple had immense control of XRP Ledger (XRPL) validators, and the cross-border crypto firm also held over half of the total 100 billion XRP that will ever exist.

Hogan said, “To cut to the chase, Ripple was saying that one [the speech] was an Ethereum free pass but was also an attack – a hit piece on XRP, which was at the time ETH’s biggest competition.”


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Lack of Bombshell In Hinman’s Emails Could Help Ripple

Hogan also spotted the lack of significant bombshells in Hinman’s emails that could push the lawsuit in Ripple’s favor. The XRP attorney maintained that crypto enthusiasts expected that one of SEC’s top administrators would enquire about XRP during the internal reviews leading up to Hinman’s speech. However, that was not the case.

Intriguingly, Gabriel Shapiro, the General Counsel at Delphi Labs, appears to share the same view as Hogan. However, the General Counsel thinks that the released Hinman docs have the potential to help the blockchain company in its fair notice defense.

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