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Top Canadian Exchange Enables Trading For the Shiba Inu Ecosystem Token, BONE

Biconomy global, a top Canadian crypto marketplace has listed the Bone Shibaswap token, BONE. The exchange has also rolled out an airdrop program with a reward pool of 5000 BONE to mark the token listing.

BONE Listed on Biconomy Global Exchange 

On July 12, the Biconomy crypto marketplace announced the listing of BONE with a BONE/USDT pair. Therefore, ShibArmy and other users can now buy and sell this Shiba Inu ecosystem token on the top crypto exchange.

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Alongside this listing, the Canadian exchange has staged an airdrop campaign with a whopping 5000 BONE tokens to be given out as rewards for completing some social tasks.

To note, BONE is the governance token of the Shibaswap ecosystem through which community members cast their votes on proposals. More so, the more BONE tokens a user holds, the higher the user’s vote weight.

As revealed in Shiba Inu’s WoofPaper, BONE has a circulating supply of 250,000,000 tokens. Before now, BONE was only available for trading on the Shibaswap DEX. 

However, the Shiba Inu ecosystem token has gained support from several popular crypto exchanges lately.

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In April, Bikan, a Singapore-based crypto exchange enabled the trading of all tokens in the Shiba Inu ecosystem including, BONE, LEASE, and SHIB. 

Another BONE listing came in late June when Switchere, an Estonian crypto exchange onboarded all three tokens on its platform for trading. 


Recently, the Canada-based crypto payments platform FCF Pay officially listed all the tokens of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, including SHIB, BONE, and LEASH.

About Biconomy Global

Biconomy global is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides global cryptocurrency trading services for several digital assets. Biconomy is a leading exchange in terms of the daily trading volume. Being licensed in the United States and Canadian markets, the exchange prides itself as the safest platform to exchange cryptocurrency and build a digital portfolio.

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