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Top Analyst Says XRP is Setting Up the Most Bullish Explosive Pattern in Entire Crypto Industry. Here’s the Chart

Over the past few weeks, XRP has never ceased to display remarkable market trends, despite the bearish storm that has made other crypto projects struggle to remain afloat.

In a new development, a prominent crypto trader, Cameron Fous, wrote on his verified Twitter handle to speculate boldly on XRP’s future price.

The renowned crypto trader made this bold claim on XRP’s future price to his 93.2k followers by sharing an XRP market chart.

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Cameron Fous tweeted, “XRP is setting up the most bullish explosive pattern in the entire crypto industry. Might be the only coin with the capability of making you rich this year. OR BROKE. I’m back in long and will soon release a video about it.”

Cameron Fous: XRP the Only Crypto To Make Investors Rich In 2023

Per Fous, XRP’s current market trends depict an upcoming rally that would soon explode within the crypto community. Furthermore, the crypto trader noted that no other cryptocurrency had shown the potential to make crypto investors amass wealth in 2023 except XRP.

Nevertheless, Fous warned about a possible opposite outcome that could leave traders stranded financially, implying that he might just be giving a prediction that entails you do your research before delving fully into the project.

Analyzing The Chart Attached To Fous’ Tweet 

At TimesTabloid, we analyzed Fous’ chart, which from all indications, appears glaring that XRP is gradually moving toward the $0.5498 market value. By taking a trader’s viewpoint, it becomes evident that XRP has undergone a year of accumulation below this level, coupled with several failed shots to exceed it.

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Remarkably, XRP appears revived presently, showing unprecedented resilience that has seen it retreat less and establish higher lows. Most importantly, XRP’s volatility has witnessed an impressive decline which is relatively commendable.

The classic view of price action depicts that the trend could hint at a preparation phase for robust upward movement. Fous seemed to tag present indicators in XRP’s market trend as powerful indicators that could culminate in an imminent spike in XRP’s worth.


As expected, Fous’s claims undoubtedly stirred mixed reactions in the crypto community, which seemed eager for XRP’s unprecedented spike.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
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