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Top Analyst Identifies XRP as Essential Asset in Crypto Portfolios, States Key Entry Points

Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe emphasizes the potential for XRP to deliver an outstanding performance among other altcoins during the upcoming bull season.

In a recent tweet, Poppe shared crucial insights about XRP, highlighting the importance of including this digital asset in one’s portfolio. He also pointed out the digital asset’s key entry points.

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XRP: Essential Asset in Crypto Portfolios

Poppe revealed that he is patiently awaiting an appropriate entry point to potentially increase his XRP holdings. Drawing from historical trends, the crypto analyst predicts that XRP will exhibit remarkable performance in the forthcoming bull season.

Encouraging the crypto community, Poppe concluded his tweet by asserting that XRP should be an essential component of any digital asset portfolio. To illustrate his point, he presented an XRP market chart, highlighting a pivotal peak point that occurred 470 days later.

XRP’s Key Entry Points

Poppe observed that the ongoing regulatory case against XRP created a significant impact on the market’s dynamics. However, due to a lack of general interest in the broader crypto market, the XRP bull trend experienced a more substantial correction than typical cycles. The trader emphasized that such patterns present valuable opportunities for investors to explore.

According to Poppe, periods of reduced interest are ideal for scanning higher time frames and identifying evident opportunities for investment.

In the chart captioned in the tweet, he marked a green area, representing a retest on the weekly timeframe, ranging between $0.566 and $0.633. He highlighted that this zone offers the most favorable entry points for the upcoming cycle.

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Leveraging Dollar-Cost Averaging

In a previous recommendation, Poppe advised crypto investors to build their XRP portfolios using Dollar-Cost Averaging techniques. This strategy involves regularly investing a fixed amount of funds into an asset over time, mitigating the impact of short-term market fluctuations.


As investors evaluate their cryptocurrency holdings, Poppe’s insights provide valuable guidance for recognizing XRP’s potential and securing advantageous entry points.

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