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This XRP Pair Will Be Delisted From Bitstamp Exchange on August 11

Bitstamp exchange will delist one XRP trading pair and several others this August. Users are advised to adapt their trading approach to these pairs before the deadline to avoid automatic settlements.

In a Tuesday Twitter post, the top crypto exchange announced that it will delist 14 trading pairs on August 11. The XRP/PAX pair is among these trading pairs to be delisted. 

“As of August 11, we’re delisting 14 trading pairs. Check out which pairs along with the details below. Make sure you complete any pending orders before the deadline,” the tweet said.

“We sometimes, for various reasons, need to delist certain pairs. We routinely review all crypto listed on our platform, keeping an eye on their performance and the recent developments in the market to bring you the best service,” Bitstamp added.

The trading pairs to be delisted on the Bitstamp exchange are XRP/PAX, UMA/BTC, KNC/BTC, SNX/BTC, COMP/BTC, PAX/GBP, PAX/EUR, BCH/GBP, CRV/BTC, MKR/BTC, ZRX/BTC, BAT/BTC, YFI/BTC, LINK/ETH.

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Why Delisting? 

The delisting of a trading pair by a crypto exchange like Bitstamp implies the stoppage of trading and order (buy or sell) placement activities for such a pair. 

As revealed by Bitstamp, many reasons could lead to trading pairs being delisted from its marketplace. Incompatibility of a certain pair with Bitstamp’s technology, and limited liquidity for the pair are the key factors.

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