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Terra Classic (LUNC) Shows Signs of Recovery With These Bullish Indicators

Acclaimed blockchain researcher Collin Brown has identified positive developments within the Terra Classic (LUNC) ecosystem, potentially indicating a bullish trend for the cryptocurrency.

Brown’s analysis highlights a significant increase in LUNC staking and ongoing token burning initiatives, contributing to a reduction in circulating supply and potentially boosting investor confidence.

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Increased Staking Participation Signals Community Confidence

Onchain data indicates a surge in LUNC staking by the Terra Classic community. Over one trillion LUNC tokens have been staked, translating to roughly $70.15 million. This upswing has pushed the staking ratio to 15.01%, reflecting a growing commitment from LUNC holders.

Staking removes tokens from active circulation, potentially leading to price appreciation due to reduced supply. This increased staking activity suggests that a considerable portion of the Terra Classic community remains confident in the project’s long-term potential.

Binance LUNC Burn Mechanism Continues

Further bolstering optimism within the Terra Classic community are ongoing token burning efforts spearheaded by Binance. Binance has actively supported the Terra Classic ecosystem since 2022 by implementing a burn mechanism that permanently removes LUNC tokens from circulation. On July 1st, Binance executed the 23rd batch of the burn initiative, eliminating 1.7 billion LUNC tokens.

This recent burn marked a continuation of Binance’s commitment. Since the program’s inception, Binance has independently burned over 62 billion LUNC tokens. When combined with the efforts of the broader Terra Classic community, the total number of burned tokens surpasses 125 billion. This ongoing supply reduction strategy aims to counteract the substantial token inflation that occurred during the May 2022 crash.

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LUNC Price and Future Outlook

Despite the positive developments, LUNC’s price has experienced a decline in recent weeks. At the time of writing, data from CoinMarketCap reveals that LUNC trades around $0.00007117, reflecting a 34% drop over the past month.

However, community members remain optimistic that the increased staking participation and consistent token burning will eventually lead to a price rebound.


While the future trajectory of LUNC remains uncertain, the recent upswing in staking activity and Binance’s continued burn program demonstrate a collective effort to revitalize the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem. These developments suggest a potential shift in sentiment, and investors are closely monitoring how these initiatives will influence LUNC’s price in the coming months.

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